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Jan 21 2009

An Incredibly Great 80′s Song That I Missed: Rain in the Summertime by The Alarm

The year was 1987 and I was all but 8 years old.  I’m way too lazy to research things that happened in 1987 to try and “set the tone” here.  I just wanted to mention that the year was 1987.

But amongst bands trying to make it must have been The Alarm.  It’s a shame they didn’t really come up with anything after this.  Perhaps it was because this is one of the lamest videos of all time.  They were doing stuff in the early 80′s and were actually compared to U2 at one point but I never heard of them.

Technically they’re still around but come on.

I gotta say this is a great tune though.

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  • TH

    Your kidding right? Or are you having some type of flashback to your emergence from being eight years old?

  • Tully Mars

    Good call. The Alarm were one of the most underrated bands from the 80′s. U2 actually opened for them. They were huge over in Europe but could not break here in the US.

    If you like this song you should check out Sixty-Eight Guns and We Are The Light.

    If he tours again, go see Mike Peter’s acoustic show. He is the lead singer of the band.

    Sorry to geek out so much about this band, I just think they are great.

  • http://none guaniter

    Great band, The Alarm. However, by 1987, the band had become old and wrinkly after ten years of greatness. And they were great to the very end. I’m not saying they weren’t, just that 1987 was closer to the end of their career, rather than the beginning. The Alarm, along with a number of other similarly powerful bands, inspired me to no end during what were some extremely dry years for me, helping me to usher myself into the most exciting and productive period of my life (thus far). Of course, from the resurgence of acid to Perestroika to the fall of The Wall, those times were very, VERY exciting times to have been alive and aware.



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