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Jan 15 2009

7 Videos of Jackass Type Stuff Before Jackass Came Out

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Following a post I made a couple weeks ago that featured Steve O before he was actually on the show Jackass, I received a few comments notifying me of some videos that were taken before the show came out that featured other crazy stunts.

So I decided to do my own research on videos that were similar to the show Jackass.  I gotta say though, the guys on Jackass were definitely the extremists.  It’s interesting however, to see how the stunts probably evolved.  I mean I would imagine the Jackass guys probably saw similar videos to these and realized that could easily one up these guys.

Here are 7 videos of Jackass type stuff before Jackass came out

P.S. Three of these contain Jackass cast.

Steve O Compilation

Bam Margera takes a major spill

Tread Mill Smash

The Sillyheds

The Dryer Riders of 1983

The Unthinkables

Another Insane Steve-O Clip

Even More Uncoachable Stuff

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