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Jan 07 2009

10 Classic Clips of John Madden

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OK, I get it.  Frank Caliendo does a great impression of John Madden.  I feel like the only time I ever see the real Madden is on Sunday Night Football now.  It’s a shame because I love the guys voice.  I just like everything about this guy.

He refuses to fly, wears tons of makeup and says “boom” a lot.  What’s not to love?  But on the serious side, could you imagine football without this guy?  Honestly the guy is basically the voice of the NFL and he’s contributed a ton over the years.

From commercials to his famous stencils on screen, here are 10 classic clips of John Madden

John Madden says Bootleg a lot

Jesus he really does say it a lot.

Madden’s Hall of Fame Speech

He’s the man.  Seriously, the guy is great.

First Ever Madden and Summerall Broadcast

Look at this guy!  His hair is amazing.

Tough Actin Tinactin


Madden doesn’t like people

So this is the real Madden huh?

The guy loves drawing penises

Don’t we all love drawing penises?

McDonald’s Hot and Fast

You get it hot, and you get it fast.

The First Lite Beer Open Commercial

I wish Happy Gilmore were there.

One of his first commercials ever – 1980

CBS Video Games- 1983

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