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Jan 02 2009

Uncoached Moment: The Beginning of the L.A. Riots

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It’s amazing when you think back on historical events.  I mean I was only 13 at the time these riots occurred (1992).  What the hell was I thinking about back then?

Probably good ways to masturbate.  But as an adult you can see how serious and how influential these events truly are.  Funny too because I would imagine events like these are in history books.

And while little kids read about them, they didn’t experience them.  Think about 9/11.  Imagine….that will only be part of a book someday but those of us that experienced know how serious and historical day that was and will forever be.

Kind of makes you wonder.

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  • Fried Ricer

    Gee thanks…I was going to toss off now I just feel sad.

  • mooman

    So… If I remember one black dude got beaten, and this is what they did… wow. Does the black community of L.A. still feel shame? They should…



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