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Jan 02 2009

Has Marv Albert Ever Had Any Hair? My Timeline of Pictures Suggests No

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Marv Albert

A comb over, even then?  Man

For the record this article is in no way a bashing of Marv Albert.  In fact Marv Albert is probably my favorite sportscaster of all time.  Not only that.  He and I attended the same temple in Nassau County.  Ya hear that Marv?  His classic “Yes” will always be a staple in all of New York sports fans’ hearts and his soothing voice always allowed me to watch the Knicks in peace.

Now that he’s a Nets guy I don’t get to hear or see him as much but still, Marv is the man.  My favorite quote?  “Is that a Larry Bird fan or a Rory Sparrow fan?”  In any event, despite my likes of his sports casting ability, I’m gonna have to disagree with his choice to wear obvious rugs all these years.

I mean knowing that the entire country knows, wouldn’t that kind of mean something to Marv?  And it’s not like it’s been the last 10 years.  Go back to 1968 and you’ll see that Marv just didn’t have the roots.   Check out these photos of Marv’s hair evolution.

Just take off the piece man, we won’t care!

Marv Albert

Vintage Marv.  Back in 1968 at the age of 27.  Even then he was combing it to the side.  It’s funny because his hair then kind of looks like the hairpiece he’s been wearing all these years.

Marv Albert

Here’s Marv in the 70′s.  Now he has the full on comb over.  No wig yet but I mean, come on people.

It’s 80′s Time

Marv Albert

Now we’re talking hair piece. There’s that illustrious rug we’ve come to know and hate.

Marv Albert

Same stuff.

Moving into the 90′s and present

Marv Albert

Marv tried to start looking stylish.  His wig man must have suggested a bit of “style” here.  Almost a blow dry look.  It’s actually almost real.  I’d say this was his least fake look, even though it’s still quite obvious.

Marv Albert

That’s just for the fun of it.

Marv Albert

I mean come on dude!  And this is where his face was clearly being worked on as well.

His New Present Day – Brown/Red Haired look

Marv Albert

Between Marv and Mike Fratello, these guys have cornered the “my hair is getting lighter thus I don’t look as old” toupee look.

Marv Albert

Marv Albert


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4 responses so far

  • TRJ22487

    I’ve been wondering this myself, when he actually started wearing one. Ahh Marv Albert, the only man that wears makeup for radio. The greatest announcer ever, I totally agree. It will be a sad day when Marv is no longer announcing, it seems unimaginable

  • Summer

    I actually think Marv is one of the sexiest guys out there! His look now is the best. I’d let him bite me! Hehe…

  • Seamen

    I actually don’t think he’s wearing a wig. It’s just that he’s dying his hair and has a wierd style. It just looks fake because old dudes that aren’t balding or grey just look weird.

  • Cedric Baker

    Seamen, you’ve got to be kidding. If that ‘do from the 80′s is clearly a wig. Unless he miraculously grew back his hair from scratch…



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