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Dec 30 2008

The World Record Trampoline Jump Video

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You guys may or may not have seen this.  Either way it’s worth seeing again.  One.  It’s pretty amazing to watch a guy go that far to dunk a basketball.

And Two.  The reactions of these people is priceless.  Japanese Television is the best thing ever.

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Dec 30 2008

She’s Uncoachable: By Far My Favorite Oregon Cheerleader, Amanda Pflugrad

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Amanda Pflugrad

As gentlemen like myself explore the wonderful pages of the internet we come across cheerleading websites.  Don’t ask me how, it just happens and it’s totally innocent.  So when I came across Amanda Pflugrad I was pleasantly surprised.  Not only was she featured in Sports Illustrated but I’ve seen some lovely pictures of her that aren’t featured in there.

However, I’m not going to go there.  While I can post the bar pictures, the drunk pictures, the you know, awesome pictures, I don’t want to mess with the Pflugrad’s reputation.  Instead I will take the high road.

Still though, Amanda, when you see this post, can I use the raunchy Facebook pics that were sent to me?  That or can I interview you?  Come on sweety.  I’ll be gentle.  (Though I had to share this one Halloween shot, wow).

I hope I get the Pflu after the jump

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Dec 30 2008

The Myspace Toolbox: Langone Loves to Make Symbols

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Personally I just think this Langone guy is a revolutionary.  He’s trying to create a new language.  Something along the lines of douche plus bags.  It’s a shame this new language hasn’t been picked up by the language association of America.

Perhaps because the submission would go something like this:

Yo, wat u goin do, I got dis nu speech yo Ima introduce it wit u.  U Digz?


Langone Langone Langone

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Dec 30 2008

15 Dudes With Whom I’d Love Nothing More Than to Beat Up

Published by under Oddly Enough

Guys I want to Beat Up

You’ve seen them.  I’ve seen them.  They walk around the streets every single day of our lives.  It’s just guys you know that the second you see them you just want to beat the living crap out of them.  And you know something?  It’s not like you even know the guy.  Hell he could be the nicest guy on the block.

But let me just refute that right there for all the naysayers.  First impressions.  Don’t first impressions count for anything?  Well if my first impression of a guy is him wearing 6 earrings, enough grease in his hair to lube a Ferrari, and shirts that are far worse than anything Don Ho would wear, then well…I think I have a right to judge.

And judge I shall.  Here are 15 dude with whom I’d love nothing more than to beat up.

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Dec 30 2008

Why I Miss College: Because the Oklahoma Sooners Cheerleaders Seem Like Fun Gals

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Sooners Cheerleaders

This isn’t a drunken orgy of a gallery.  It’s not some insane partying binge.  It’s just the cheerleaders of Oklahoma having a good time.  You know it’s fine to acknowledge that a group of young women just seem like fun girls.  And you know something?  I must hand it to the Sooner organization for upbringing such wonderful ladies.

Seriously guys, it’s wonderful that these girls can do cheers in bikinis, party with basketball players, and even make funny little positions on the ground.  I think it would be a total blast to relive these college years, and to relive them with Sooner Spirit.

Here’s a nice little gallery of the Sooner girls.

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Dec 30 2008

Just the Tip Tuesday: Newest Issue of Nuts, The Year in Re-Boob, and a Very Well Endowed Miami Cheerleader

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Click on the photo for more of this stuff (and a lot less clothes)

I don’t know about you guys but I’m excite to peruse this new issue of Nuts.  No disrespect to Maxim but Nuts has the right idea.  First of all, they’re called Nuts.  That’s good in itself.  Second of all, boobs.  Yes, boobs.  They show chests, and lots of them.  Is that so hard to do?  Sure we have Playboy but come on.  Nuts is just fun, period.

For more nutty girls check out Uncoached’s Facebook Group

Just the Tip

I think “The Year in Re-Boob is Self Explanatory – [COED Magazine]

A UNC Tantrum and a stacked Cheerleader – [Bustedcoverage]

No bikini top can hold Melissa Marie – [Gorillamask]

An inside take on the suckiest team of all time – [Withleather]

Elle Macpherson bikini pictures – [The Grumpiest]

A Classic Festivus clip from my favorite show ever – [Don Chavez]

Amateur Superheroes are on the rise – [Asylum]

Unbelievable art skills from a three-year-old – [Flabber]

50 Vanity Plates that slipped by the DMV – [Attuworld]

Sure I like Brunette, leggy porn stars – [The Beer Goggler]

A quickie with Jo-Emma Larvin – [DJ Mick]

Let Daniela Pestova brighten up your day – [Saltymilk]

Never forget your beer hunting supplies – [Tastybooze]

The hottest WAGs of 2008 – [The Spoiler]

It’s Briana Banks at the Adult Entertainment Expo – [Banned in Hollywood]

Get a load of this Nordic Dream: Lisa-Marie Moen Jünge – [Gunaxin]

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Dec 29 2008

Kerri Parker Leads the PM Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more Kerri Parker

I can’t get the Christmas spirit out of me.  Our friends over at Totally Crap managed to get Kerri to pose in some “crappy” underwear for them.  And I must say, the shoot did not disappoint.  I would do Christmas all year around if the ladies dressed like this.

For more sexy outfits check out Uncoached’s Facebook Group

Enjoy the rest of the portfolio

Barton Brooke Terrell Corby Monica Barry Shannon kirsty_01.jpg

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Dec 29 2008

These 15 Dolls Scare the Crap Out of Me

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Scary Doll

Honestly, I’m not sure what some people are thinking when they create dolls. How could you possibly think that people would find some of these things alluring?  Hell not even alluring, adorable?  Seriously, I don’t get it.  And what’s the deal with children?  Children love these things.

I swear baby dolls freak me out man.  And what’s with Teletubbies?  Little babies must have some kind of sick twisted sense that eventually wears off.  To think that people actually create these poisons with positive intentions really makes me question myself.

Here are 15 dolls that scare the crap out of me (the last one is really freaky)

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Dec 29 2008

Uncoached Moment: First UT Game Tailgate Tour with Whitney and Meredith

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Um, can someone please tell me who this Whitney girl is?  Why wasn’t I notified of this?  I need to know ASAP so I can find more pictures.  If anyone has her last name please let me know pronto.


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Dec 29 2008

She’s Uncoachable: Uncoached’s Exclusive Interview with February 2009′s Penthouse Pet Lexi Blade

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Ladies and gentlemen we’ve hit a milestone here at Uncoached.  The “She’s Uncoachable” piece of this site has become such a worldwide phenomenon that beautiful ladies from all walks of life are lining up to get interviewed by me.

OK, maybe not but I can definitely see this trend continuing.  It just so happen that I posted a lovely girl by the name of Lexi Blade a few weeks ago.

Well, little Lexi contacted me, posed with that amazing piece of cardboard you see above me, and answered some questions you might like to see.

Interview and my impressions after the jump

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