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Dec 29 2008

She’s Uncoachable: Uncoached’s Exclusive Interview with February 2009′s Penthouse Pet Lexi Blade

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Ladies and gentlemen we’ve hit a milestone here at Uncoached.  The “She’s Uncoachable” piece of this site has become such a worldwide phenomenon that beautiful ladies from all walks of life are lining up to get interviewed by me.

OK, maybe not but I can definitely see this trend continuing.  It just so happen that I posted a lovely girl by the name of Lexi Blade a few weeks ago.

Well, little Lexi contacted me, posed with that amazing piece of cardboard you see above me, and answered some questions you might like to see.

Interview and my impressions after the jump


How did you wind up posing for Penthouse?
Not really sure, one of their photographers approached me after seeing my photos in some fashion portfolios. I though it was kinda creepy at first, and frankly never considered Penthouse as a possibility. I thought it was way too associated with the porn industry, but after speaking with some people about how the magazine was trying to change more mainstream, I thought it might be a possibility. They then approached me about being the Penthouse Pet for the month and it really peaked my interest.

Do you mind that people are going to see you naked?

Oh, I think about this every day and wonder if I made the right decision. After I agreed to pose for Penthouse, people from that “other magazine” approached me also, and I can’t do both! While I am not going to knock the porn industry, I must say there is nothing pornographic about posing naked and expressing one’s sexuality.  I think many beautiful women have posed for Penthouse, and being a centerfold is as American as apple pie, no?  When Marylyn Monroe first posed nude, it was a huge scandal but she became a symbol of American beauty.  Let’s get over nudity and focus on some important issues.

Where did you get the name Lexi Blade?
From Momma and Poppa blade, duh?  I’d like to think that I represent one of many sharp, sexy American women and my name definitely expresses that independence.


What are your plans for the future?
To do more modeling and showing the world that Lexi Blade is not just a chick who appeared nude in Penthouse.  I plan to take the industry by storm and show brands that an American girl from a small town can best represent them.  All I know is that my guy friends really have no desire to see some anorexic Ukrainian girl on the cover of any magazine. Let’s get those girls a hamburger  and a nice pair of Levis and see if we can’t save them from a life of salads and excessive cocaine usage. Sounds like a possible charity, no? People for the Ethical Treatment of Models?

Do you have any causes?
Yes. I have close affinity to those men and women that serve this country in positions as Police Officers, FireFighters, EMTs and of course in the military. In this economy, we need to remember that many of them have always served us with making almost no money. If you have any time today, take a time and thank God that one thing this country has always promoted is serving the community.

How often do you enjoy looking at yourself naked?
I wake up almost every morning naked, but I’m not sure how much I enjoy it.  I’d love to say I wake up in full make up and my hair done, but like every other woman in America, I wake up a mess. Now find a product that will do make up and hair in my sleep and there’s a billion dollar idea.


What is your favorite position?
Short Stop.  Something about a guy between second and third base that does it for me.  That being said, I just started watching baseball since moving to NYC, but I can’t say if I am a Mets or Yankees fan. Someone needs to give me a hint who I should be watching …

What kinds of things would you do to me on our first date (assuming I paid for dinner?)
Well, since you probably can only afford to take me to Olive Garden, I’m not sure much is going to be happening. Hah! What kinda questions are these? Are you kidding me? Come on guy…

My Impressions:

Lexi’s publicist or whoever nixed at least 3 of my juicier questions which is upsetting to me.  I mean was it so much to ask for a complimentary BJ for these proceedings?  I really don’t think so.    Olive Garden?  No.  Roy Rogers rules and if you don’t like it,  go pose for High Society and get back to me.

Lexi, I love ya sweety.  Thanks for dropping by.

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