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Dec 29 2008

Monday Madness: Drunken New Year’s Eve Girls, Hotties in the Wild, and the Best of 2008

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New Year’s Eve

Click on the photo for more drunk chicks on New Year’s

As all of you get ready for the madness which is set to begin later this week I want you to remember that the above photo isn’t a possibility.  It’s a likelihood.  It’s just a matter of “will you be there to see it?”  I for one, know I won’t, unless my buddy’s wife and my woman decide to get it on.  There’s more of a chance of me and my buddy kissing than them.  For shame. 

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The Madness

Another edition of hot chicks you won’t recognize – [Doubleviking]

ARod, Madonna, and the rest of the best of 2008 – [Sports Crackle Pop]

Pamela Anderson really likes short shorts – [The Grumpiest]

Tom Brady is finally tying the knot – [Withleather]

Funny drunk shaming and passed out pictures – [Gunaxin]

The top ten viral videos of 2008 – [Spike]

By far the best Merry Christmas article I read last week – [Saltymilk]

Canada’s top 25 sexiest women – [Asylum]

Ping pong the way it should be played by Bruce Lee – [The Bachelor Guy]

Barely wearing clothes is how the holidays should be – [HGOM]

What the hell is frog splashing? – [EJB]

Now this is gallery of Jessica Burciaga you want to see – [Dirty Rotten]

New resident at Jacko’s place – [DJ Mick]

A second round of Stephanie Seymour – [Don Chavez]

The best airport security chick ever – [Attuworld]

A great beer cap prank – [Tastybooze]

Not sure you want to see this tongue in a mousetrap – [Flabber]

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