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Dec 19 2008

Christmas Tree Prices are Going Through the Roof, Literally

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Christmas Tree

It’s going to leave more than a few pine needles on his carpet. But that’s a price Greig Howe is happy to pay for having one of the most stunning Christmas trees ever seen in suburbia.  Thirty-five feet tall, it stretches from the floor of his living room right up through the top of his home.

It would appear that Mr. Howe pulled a Clark W. Griswald and brought in a seriously oversized Christmas tree wouldn’t it?  But Greig is a little smarter than Chevy Chase’s lovable jackass character.

Greig simply made it look like his tree was this big.  It’s actually pretty cool what this guy constructed.  A waste of time, but cool nonetheless.

Christmas Tree

In reality Mr Howe has created a breathtaking optical illusion.

The 35-year-old designer spent two days installing the tree in his six-bedroom detached home in Bournemouth to make it look like it had smashed through the ceilings.

To do so, he cut it into three sections with a chainsaw and then enlisted the help of seven friends to put it into place, using ropes.

Nicely done buddy!

Christmas Tree Christmas Tree Christmas Tree

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