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Dec 18 2008

10 Memorable Oscar Awards Moments

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Over the years I have grown to like the Oscar awards less and less.  While some think it’s one of if not the greatest award shows that appreciates film, I happen to think it’s just another fancy shindig for the elite of society to celebrate being the elite of society.

However, that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a good acting, directing or even musical performance.  And I certainly agree that accolades are deserved for these performances.   Still though, I just don’t think it should be this grand spectacle that it is.  The pre-shows and the red carpet, blah blah.  Give it a rest.

Be that as it may, I still think there are some memorable moments that come with the Oscars.  Here are ten that are pretty neat.

*Bear in mind some of these clips are not embeddable so just click on them and you’ll be taken to them.

*FYI Not all the clips work, embedding was disabled.  Click on the videos that don’t work and it will take you there.

Roberto Benigni Goes Insane

You can view it all here.

Cuba Gooding goes nuts

Alright buddy, you’re thankful.  We get it!

The Streaker

This happened quite some time ago and was pretty nuts.  No one would get away with this today but it was damned funny.  View the clip here.

Jack Palance Doing Push Ups

This was one of the best moments in Oscar history.

Adrien Brody kisses Halle Barry

I guess there’s not much she could have done about it

Marlon Brando doesn’t accept his Award

This is insane!  Apache Littlefeather?  Wow.

Charlie Chaplin Receives an Honorary Oscar

The true kind of comedy

Michael Moore Blasts Bush

I don’t know folks, now that you look at this, was he really being so absurd?

Russel Crowe’s Memorable Acceptance Speech

Pretty Awesome

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

I had to give it to the Boston guys

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