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Dec 15 2008

The Myspace Toolbox: John Is Going to Make History

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John Q

Seriously guys, you just can’t make this up.  This is all I’m going to say in this sentence:  “tHis iS histoRy iN tHe maKin’, nOw STFU n leMme maKe iT!”

Also his myspace profile address is this:   myspace.com/johnf*cker – only there’s a “u” in there.

You really have to hand it to this John F*cker don’t you?  What a piece of work.  I’d really like to put an end to his work.  What an absolute waste of space this guy is.

Queens in the house!

John Q John Q John Q John Q

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3 responses so far

  • Joe

    Is it jus me or is this douche and his friend eiffel towering a tranny in the one picture?

  • john f*CKER

    yoo honestly my man u can go fuck urself i think ur the tool cuz u got wayyyyy to much time on ur hands to write something for one person a day like how many hours do u spend doen this holy shit man why dont you stop hating on everyone else and just worry bout urself .hopp off n get a life…n by the way i didn make the john f*cker name some chick did it for me like 3 yrs ago cuz i wanted nothin to do wit myspace n she wanted me to have one and excuse me for tryen 2 have a lil fun. my bad if i dont jus sit home all day like u obviously do and look at peoples myspaces…so stop suckin’

  • johnf*ckerf*cker

    ahhhhhh… i think you hurt his feelings. For suck a tough guy your really sensitive. I think you probably made your myspace page yourself in a lame attempt to make friends. Cause anyone who meets you in person probably thinks the same thing we all are right now. What a F*cking douchbag. Stop trying so hard, get a job, move out of your moms house, stop trying to f*ck your little sisters friends, grow the f*ck up and stop making our generation look like a f*cktards



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