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Dec 05 2008

Boxing Scenes From Boxing Movies That I Could Watch Over and Over Again

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Ever get caught surfing around television and all of a sudden a boxing movie is on one of the channels?  9 times out of 10 if it’s a good boxing movie and it’s a fight scene, I will generally leave it on.  I mean how could you possibly turn off the channel when Rocky is about to knock out Apollo?

I just don’t think I’m capable of changing the channel during some of these types of scenes.  Perhaps it pumps me up.  Perhaps I have a fetish for sweaty men touching each other so much.  I have no clue.  I just know that I enjoy watching this stuff.

Here are some great boxing scenes from boxing movies that I could watch again and again

Rocky vs. Drago

Classic music here.  And I love when Paulie is rubbing the bald head.

Cinderella Man – Now I know what I’m fighting for

When Braddock smiles after taking a ridiculous hit, it’s amazing to watch his opponent be completely dismantled mentally.

Brutal Scene in Raging Bull

This one’s tough to watch but man, what a powerful scene.  He really takes a beating here.   “You didn’t knock me down.”

The Ending to Rocky II

There’s also a little bit of Rocky III in there, which I love.

The Spanking Scene in Diggstown

Diggstown is such an underrated boxing movie.  I’m a huge fan.

Last Scene in Gladiator

I couldn’t find it but the final fight with Brian Dennehy is pretty money.  This video is the highlight montage but the last scene is in there.

Ali vs. Liston – Ali

This is the best fight scene of the film

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  • jody rope

    Another list for pre-teens from an intellect that excludes true classics because, duh, it doesn’t know shit about film but will post lists anyway. What about Champion, On the Waterfront, The Set Up, The Champ, the Harder They Fall–just for starters?



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