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Dec 02 2008

10 T-Shirts From 80′s Comedies Movies That I Need To Own

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80’s Movies Shirts

And as I watched the movie Real Genius for the 50th time last night, I realized that the movie simply isn’t a good movie.  But for some reason it’s incredibly enjoyable to watch.  I mean it’s not all that funny but there’s just something great about every scene in that flick.  Personally I think it’s Val Kilmer.  He just lights up the screen.

But there was also another thing I took out of watching Real Genius:  Kilmer’s T-Shirts.  They’re amazing.  And it made me realize that there were some characters in 80′s movies that wore some amazing T-Shirts that if I had the chance to own, I probably would.

From Booger to Styles, here are T-Shirts from 80′s comedies movies that I need to own.

High on Stress – Revenge of the Nerds

80’s Movies Shirts

I have to say that Give me Head Till I’m Dead is great but High on Stress is also money.  Though I couldn’t find a screen shot of Greasy Tony’s.  That one was probably my favorite.

I Love Toxic Waste -Real Genius

80’s Movies Shirts

This is one of two that I thought were awesome from Real Genius.  It’s not even that the shirt is so great, it’s that Kilmer character is incredible and if only I could wear that shirt in a setting so amazingly non conducive to having it on, I’d jump at the chance.

Senior Pizza – Loverboy

80’s Movies Shirts

I don’t know about you guys, but I thought Loverboy was incredible.  And what better a shirt than Dempsey’s Senior Pizza shirt.  “Extra Anchovies?”

Bushwood CC – Caddyshack

80’s Movies Shirts

Noonan’s caddy shirt is pretty money but I like D’Annunzio’s better with the sleeves off.

80’s Movies Shirts

What are you looking at Dicknose? – Teen Wolf

80’s Movies Shirts

Styles!  I’m not sure which takes the cake here.  This shirt or Booger’s “Give me Head till I’m dead.”  Tough call.

One in the Oven – Police Academy

80’s Movies Shirts

Oh Stevie Guttenberg!  What a funny guy!  Love this shirt.

Surf Nicaragua – Real Genius

80’s Movies Shirts

Where the hell did this shirt come from?  Amazing.

Beacon High School – Teen Wolf

80’s Movies Shirts

Matt Adler on the right is wearing it.  What the hell ever happened to that dude?  I loved the movie North Shore.

Death Before Disco – Stripes

80’s Movies Shirts

You gotta love a young Judge Reinhold sporting this shirt after the strip club incident.

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