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Nov 28 2008

Friday’s Funbag: Freakin’ Hot or Freakshow, A Hollyoaks Maxim Girl, and Amazing Street Performers

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Click on the photo to view these hotties with their oddities

I trust all of you had a pleasant Thanksgiving.  And I trust that your weekends are not over.  But my friends, I never sleep.  I will never let you down, and I will always be here to give you what you need.  Whatever the hell that is.  I guess today it’s chicks who don’t have belly buttons.

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The Funbag

Hollyoaks Star Roxanne McKee in Maxim Magazine – [Cameltap]

Now these are street performance worth watching – [Oddee]

These are 8 chicks in the world of sports to be thankful for in 2008 – [Bustedcoverage]

This is Badass!  Bruce Lee doing amazing stuff with nunchucks -  [Flabber]

The 10 Greatest videos of animals playing sports – [Manofest]

Iowa fans do it in the bathroom – [Withleather] (NSFW Pic)

Any post involving Danielle Lloyd works for me – [The Spoiler]

Is this is Porn Star or Celebrity? – [Don Chavez]

Photoshop doesn’t always work: see what’s missing – [Tastybooze]

Photo of the Day:  Mary Delgado’s Mugshot – [Asylum]

Annalynne McCord is a hot hockey chick – [DJ Mick]

Joe the Plumber is now Joe the Cable Guy – [College OTR]

There’s a lot of things that I would do to Katy Perry – [Derober]

Walmart’s newest best seller:  Penis Shaped Straws – [Blog of Hilarity]

The Top 7 Moments in Holy Sh*t – [Banned in Hollywood]

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Nov 27 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

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I’ll back tomorrow.  Enjoy it folks!

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Nov 26 2008

Hotties in the Wild Lead the PM Portfolio

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Click on the photo to view more girls like this

Hotties in the Wild is by far the best thing that Double Viking has come up with in its 4 year existence.  Kudos to the boys over there for uncovering some of the hottest amateur chicks doing fun stuff.  I will never, ever get tired of that.  And nor will you guys.

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Enjoy the rest of the portfolio

Hickman Barton Paris Hilton Tucker Annalynne Gascoigne Walcott Dundovic

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Nov 26 2008

5 Unbelievably Racist and Non PC Moments from All in the Family

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Archie Bunker

As you guys saw yesterday, I shared a clip from All in the Family where Archie Bunker goes off on England calling it a “Fairy” (though he doesn’t use that word) country.  It’s amazing to me that 20-30 years ago this kind of stuff went on as commonplace in television sitcoms.

However, none was as prevalent as in All in the Family.

All In The Family was very progressive for its time, and its portrayal of Archie Bunker was meant to be over the top and the subject of ridicule.

The show dealt with racism, sexism, homophobia, rape, and other issues with a lot more courage than any modern sitcom would.  But today?  Today’s there’s no way that stuff could be pulled off.

Well at least shows like Chapelle’s Show can still poke fun at the race card.  And I enjoy how comedy shows are finally not taking it so seriously.  Still though, the stuff in these 5 clips is pretty hardcore.

Enjoy these racist/non PC moments from All in the Family

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Nov 26 2008

Uncoached Moment: Michael Jordan Shatters The Backboard in Italy in 1986

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Well as if there wasn’t anything I could think of in terms of Michael Jordan by far being the best player ever, this video pops up of Jordan doing his thing in Italy in 1986.

I still get goosebumps watching clips of this guy,

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Nov 26 2008

She’s Uncoachable: The Perfect Package and Exotic Dancer of the Year, Taya Parker

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Taya Parker

Kind of sounds like Lex Luger’s old name right?  The Total Package.  Put it this way, when you have the nickname “The Pefect Package” you better back it up.  And believe you me, Taya Parker is pretty close to being that package.  And it’s not just because she was on the cover of Penthouse in January of 2008.

Hell it’s not because she’ll take her clothes off all the time.  And it’s not because she is the 2007/2008 Exotic Dancer of the Year.  And no it’s not because she’s appeared in Playboy’s busty babes.

It’s because she has a fan club with members on all 7 continents.   That means people in Antarctica masturbate to Taya in some internet igloo somewhere.  Now that’s awesome.

More of the perfect package after the jump

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Nov 26 2008

The Myspace Toolbox: Steve AKA Wavvvvy AKA Racially Profiled By Me

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Eating apples is straight up gangsta

OK guys, I’m trying not to be a racial profiler.  I swear I’m not.  But can we make a new race in America?  It’s called the Myspace Toolbox race.  Seriously.  And I’ll be the first anti-toolbite out there.  I mean these profile intros…You have to be kidding me.

watuppp my names steve im 19 yrs old im single.. i live in rahway..i work mon – fri as a union electrician local 102.. i try to go out as much as i can cuz i work hard on the weekdays.. but i also like to jus chill and relax..as for girls go.. right now im lookin for a good girl i can trust and have fun with..hit me uppp

Union Electrician.  Cuz.  Uppp.  Lookin’ for a good girl.  Come on man.  Come on.  Please.  Please almighty.

Wavvvy My ass.

Wavvvy Wavvvy Wavvvy Wavvvy

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Nov 26 2008

50 Pictures of Girls Enjoying All That is The Beer Bong: Ain’t Life Grand?

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Beer Bong Girls

So us blogs that come out during the day aren’t really supposed to feature nudity because most of you reading this are at work.  Check.  We’re not really supposed to curse that much or the site will be blocked.  Check.  Hell we can’t even allude to sexual activity all that often or those censors will go off.  Check.

But oddly enough if I post pictures of chicks sticking long thick tubes in their mouths while chugging a brownish/yellowish substance, then we’re A OK?  You really have to love the irony in this country don’t you?

Hey advertisers, is this OK?  Are these “allowed?”  You got companies like Disney advertising when Pamela Anderson takes off her clothes, but if we say the word “cock” in the wrong context then it’s run to the hills?

With that in mind, here are 50 pictures of chicks with beer bongs.  You can also visit COED Magazine for this stuff.  They do it all the time.

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Nov 26 2008

The Latest BCS Rankings Using 15 Hot College Fans

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BCS Rankings

She goes to one of these 15 schools?  You guys recognize her?

It’s that time again and I am starting to run out of creative ideas to display the most recent BCS Rankings to you guys.  Maybe I shouldn’t just say you guys, girls as well right?   I know that 10% of the demographic for this site is females.  Though I seriously doubt you’ll be seeing any hot guy contests around here any time soon.

Though I’m open to ideas.  I’m just as secure in my masculinity as any of the rest of you males out there.  And I’m proud to admit when a man is handsome.  But let’s face it.  Going into Turkey Day I’d rather not think about a man’s thighs.

I’d rather focus on the bird, the chick if you will.  Hence why this week’s top 15 ranking is being brought to you by hot fans.


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Nov 26 2008

Wednesday’s Wash: Blond Chick Does Home Pole Dancing, A Spike Girl Named Marina, and a QB’s Sis Gets Dirty

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Pole Dancing

Click on the photo to see an impressive video

I’m amazed.  Simply amazed at how seriously women are starting to take pole dancing.  Don’t get me wrong I’m very psyched about it.  And there’s definitely a physical benefit to this stuff.  It can’t be easy to balance yourself like that.   There’s certainly some gymnastics similarities here.  Go pole dancing!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

For more pole dancing like stuff be sure to visit Uncoached’s Facebook Group

The Wash

Girls of Spike:  Marina has some stackage – [Spike]

The NFL’s Marc Bulger’s little sister likes to get naughty – [Bustedcoverage]

Odette Yustman gets wet at a car wash – [Holy Taco]

10 Very hot videos of celebs crawling on all fours – [Manofest]

Stacy Keibler wins an important showdown – [Hot Clicks]

LOL Grandparents:  This is Hilarious – [Flabber]

A Fun Basketball FAIL clip that doesn’t disappoint – [Withleather]

Cali Taylor:  Penthouse Pet February 2008 – [The Bachelor Guy]

The dramatic plight of a Dallas Cowboys mascot – [InsideSTL]

Jessica Biel has a new calendar – [The LOTD]

Good Lord Misa Campo is ridiculously hot – [Flisted]

Making a Mexican airport his home – [Asylum]

Rihanna dresses as a Spike:  Watch out for those cans – [Derober]

The 9 Most Annoying conversations you’ll be having on Thanksgiving – [The Comedy Feed]

Kristy Ann is one Blond whose acquaintance I’d make – [Saltymilk]

NBA Power rankings using NBA Dancers – [Cuzoogle]

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