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Nov 29 2008

The Weekend Wash: Lindsay Lohan is Still Sexy, Valentina Dessi’s Lips, and Sayaka Ando

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Ladies and Gentlemen.  I would imagine those foods have been digested and you’re ready to return to the work force right?  If not, get off your lazy asses and take a jog for Christ’s sake.  It’s one day of food.  Relax.  Alright, maybe I’m just yelling at myself.  I only have one thing to say today (and I’ll be saying it again tomorrow):  Reggie Bush, you run buddy, you run like the wind!

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The Wash

Valentina Dessi has very inviting lips – [Bustedcoverage]

Sayaka Ando is a very hot Japanese Model – [COED Magazine]

The newest edition of Hotties in the Wild – [Doubleviking]

This is what they call the circle of poo – [Othercrap]

Beyonce looking pretty good in a black catsuit – [Totally Crap]

Some hottie named Helen Tucker did Maxim – [On205th]

The penis of this Polar Bear is very tough to spot – [Holy Taco]

P Diddy is the King! – [Flabber]

If only Shawshank was an 80′s Movie – [Nextround]

Brian Urlacher’s 100 problems – [Withleather]

The Bro (or Manzziere) goes mainstream in Japan – [Don Chavez]

Maybe the greatest 15 seconds of Adriana Lima Ever – [The LOTD]

5 Tips to improve your phone game – [The Bachelor Guy]

The Worst News Anchor Ever – [Manofest]

Carmen Electra is Playboy’s anniversary present – [Saltymilk]

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