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Nov 28 2008

The Thanksgiving Weekend Toolbox: Johnny C

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Johnny C

Happy Thanksgiving Vacation Day off to you too turdface.  What a punk.   You know something?  I was just gonna write that one sentence but I can’t hold it in.

Screw this guy.  Seriously.  Screw this skinny, earring wearing, “I’m cool and get so much ass because I still carry a beeper yo” kind of a punk.

I want to spit on you Johnny.  I really do.  Just take a big wad of spit and watch you absorb it.  You’re from Westchester man, Westchester!

I hate myself for being mean…no I don’t.

Johnny C Johnny C Johnny C

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2 responses so far

  • http://myspace.com/streetballerz210 Johnny

    ahaaa disss is histericalll nd all it proves 2 me is dat whoeva rote this hass no lifeee lmfaooo…..btwwww immm from Staten Island….nottt westchesta u fcukenn moronnn

  • anon

    does every italian try to act like a puerto rican these days?



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