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Nov 25 2008

20 of the Hottest Women in Pro Wrestling

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Hot Women of Pro Wrestling

If there’s one kind of list you can never really run out of, it’s a hot girl list.  But one thing that’s getting more and more difficult is to come up with is legitimate lists that tie in sports and hot women.  You’ve got your WAG lists,  overall hottest women athletes,  I suppose you could then break it down by sports (which is very tough), and then you’ve got your cheerleaders.

But how about wrestling?   Isn’t that kind of a sport?  I mean women throwing around women, pulling hair, taking off their clothes, that’s gotta be considered a sport right?  Hells yeah.

So with that in mind, I’ve decided to come up with a list of 20 of the Hottest Women in Pro Wrestling.

FYI there are 2 or 3 on this list that never actually entered the ring to wrestle but come on, they’re in Pro Wrestling and certainly count.

Candice Michelle

Hot Women of Pro Wrestling

Candice Michelle is a glamour model, actress, and Diva currently working for World Wrestling Entertainment’s RAW brand.  And you all know her from those Godaddy commercials.

Trish Stratus

Hot Women of Pro Wrestling

Trish Stratus is marketed as the first woman in WWE history to have held the WWE Women’s Championship six times. She could also beat the crap out of me…which I like.

Miss Elizabeth

Hot Women of Pro Wrestling

Come on guys, if you don’t remember Miss Elizabeth then God help you.  R.I.P.

Maria Kanellis

Hot Women of Pro Wrestling

She was in Playboy and is currently on the RAW roster.

Louise Glover

Hot Women of Pro Wrestling

Glover never officially made it to the WWE because of her citizenship but the mere mention of it makes my blood boil. She’s the hottest chick on this list (in my opinion).

Torrie Wilson

Hot Women of Pro Wrestling

Appeared in Playboy and is famous for her stripteases on WWE – enough said.

Maryse Ouellet

Hot Women of Pro Wrestling

Maryse is training in the developmental WWE league. Let’s hope the former 2003 Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada winner makes it.

Bella Twins

Hot Women of Pro Wrestling

Twins? That’s about all I need to say.

Traci Brooks

Hot Women of Pro Wrestling

She’s in G.L.O.R.Y and TNA Knockout Division. She’s a Canadian Wrestler.

Talia Madison AKA Velvet Sky

Hot Women of Pro Wrestling

Talia is known as having one of the best faces of all the ladies, and I agree. Though I can’t say I look at her face much. She’s in TNA Wrestling.

Taryn Terrell AKA Tiffany

Hot Women of Pro Wrestling

She’s currently in the ECW brand and is still in training. Placed 4th in the WWE Diva search contest in 2007.

Sable AKA Rena Mero

Hot Women of Pro Wrestling

An absolute legend. That is all.

Victoria Crawford AKA Alicia Fox

Hot Women of Pro Wrestling

Crawford debuted on the June 13, 2008 edition of SmackDown in a backstage segment with Vickie Guerrero, which saw her introduced as wedding planner Alicia Fox

Amy Marie Zidian

Hot Women of Pro Wrestling

Amy Marie Zidian (born October, 1985) is an American model and professional wrestling valet currently working for World Wrestling Entertainment on it’s SmackDown! brand

Stacey Keibler

Hot Women of Pro Wrestling

If you don’t know who Stacey Keibler is, then I hate you. She used to be a diva for RAW.

Leticia Cline

Hot Women of Pro Wrestling

She is best known as a former interviewer for TNA Wrestling. I know her for her legs. Damn.

Joy Giovanni

Hot Women of Pro Wrestling

She is a frequent competitor in the Lingerie Bowls. She is a former WWE Diva released in 2005. Just pose naked already.

Lacey Von Erich

Hot Women of Pro Wrestling

Any time you have the offspring of the legendary Von Eric clan, you add them. And she’s certainly worthy of this list.

Ashley Massaro

Hot Women of Pro Wrestling

Ashley is the winner of the 2005 WWE Diva Search. More importantly she was on the cover of Playboy in 2007.

Barbara Blank AKA Kelly Kelly

Hot Women of Pro Wrestling

Currently works for RAW. Started off in ECW. Is really hot.

*I’m aware of Christy Hemme and others but I think these ladies are hotter. If you have any additions please let me know, but if you comment and write something along the lines of “you’re a moron for leaving so and so out,” be prepared to be completely ridiculed. Thanks.

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30 responses so far

  • Will

    No Michelle McCool?!?!?

  • Natty

    Read the bottom of this post. Where’s the article you wrote? I don’t see it anywhere.

  • Bostongeorge

    What about Lita. She is by far the most amazing piece of ass I have ever seen.

  • Mike

    Remember Francine from ECW?

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  • JayB

    Michelle McCool certainly belongs on this list!

    Maria is not on the Raw brand.

    And Bella twins- WOW!

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  • Rob

    Just wanted to clarify, Maryse is on the SD! brand now and has been for a few months now. So… she made it, and doing quite well.

  • Kamala

    What about Victoria from WWE? Besides being (IMO) incredibly hot she was also bat-shit crazy at first, which is nice.

  • A-Ron


  • Charles

    I’m surprised that Tammy Sytch aka Sunny wasn’t on this list. This woman was smoking in the mid 90′s.

  • wesley

    What about Beth Pheniox and Melina espicaly with her ring entrance doing the splits thets always been hot

  • http://www.brianjlopes.com Brian

    Pamela Paulshock is a pretty big omission…anybody?

  • DravenX23

    Really you have the Fugly Ashley and Candace Michelle? I can understand not looking at the faces but when every girl is made of plastic you gotta have some standards.

    Leaving off Beulah and Sunny is just wrong. What about Layla, the chick married to Jeff Garcia, Former ECW-er Brooke and many others … You could pick 100 hot women of wrestling and miss some good ones.

    Maria is on Smackdown. Has been for almost 6 months.

  • random

    Where is Angel Williams aka Angelina Love
    you should have put her together with Velvet becaue the Beautiful People should be at the top of the list

  • Deezy

    i agree, what about Sunny!? How can you leave her off this list? At one time she was the most downloaded person on the internet!? This list is hot garbage without her on it.

  • random

    I honestly think Christy Hemme is hotter than any of the girls on this list but I got a thing for red heads well shes a natural blonde but shes got red hair now
    so you got a red head and a blonde all in one
    she was a playboy cover girl
    and she just looks like she will do really naughty things to you

  • Okuma

    It’s obvious that the ones mentioned in the comments weren’t included because they’re not bottle blondes. I mean seriously, over half the list are blondes. Lita not being on here is a travesty.

  • dckyjay

    I know u said ur aware of Christy Hemme…so how come she’s not on ur list. i think this girl is gorgeous. i love the red hair and the energy. in my eyes prob the hottest girl i’ve ever seen.

    what about Mickie James?
    she definitely knows how 2 look good.

    Candice Michelle?
    playboy cover model…not on ur list….hmm

    Michelle McCool?

    Remember Sunny?

    I definitely remember Miss Elizabeth. who couldn’t?

    j/k….the wwe paraded her around like she was some kinda prize. they got playboy 2 accept her 4 a shoot. im sure that wasn’t Hef’s idea. i always thought she had a sex change and used 2 b a man. Triple H did the right thing leaving her 4 Steph.

    oh yeah what about Stephanie McMahon?
    she has gotten better looking over time.

  • Natty

    Candice Michelle is first on this list you twink.

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  • Mr Wrestling 2K

    Missing Francine, Queen of Extreme;

    I agree with you on Kelly Kelly,
    Tori Wilson.





  • Yobdeman

    How about Dawn Marie from ol’ WCW”. That segment with her and Torrie getting ready to get busy, still warms my soul & thoughts!

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