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Nov 25 2008

10 of the Most Badass Monster Truck Videos

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Monster Truck

For those of you that live in the Northeast,  I would imagine that most of you have not attended a Monster Truck Show.   And most people think that it’s just this giant redneck gathering of hooting and hollering.  You know something?  You’re right but it’s one of the most fun times I’ve ever had.

Back in college I was lucky enough to go to a Monster Truck show at the Superdome and let me tell you….  Being there, live, was an amazing time.  First of all yes, it’s the biggest mashup of mullets, insane t-shirts, and less than a full set of teeth people you’ll ever see.  So just entertainment value alone is sky high.

Hearing thousands of rednecks scream “Awwwwwsome!” 100 times is worth the price of admission.  Second?  Seeing these trucks is incredible.  I mean I watched a truck ram through 20 trucks as the final event of that evening.  That was the trick.  Just smashing 20 trucks!  It was incredible.

So if you haven’t been to one, at least watch these 10 videos.

Flips, fires, and F@$& Ups


This guy is hardcore

Crush This – Part 2

Vintage Monster Trucks of the 1980′s

Monster Truck Crash Compilation

King Kong Crash at Myrtle Beach

Gravedigger Gets Into a Crash of His Own

Tribute to Bigfoot

Monster Truck Breaks the Floor

Best of Monster Jam

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