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Nov 24 2008

You Couldn’t Have Timed It Any Better: 20 Pictures Taken at the Perfect Time

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Moment Pictures

I always appreciate a good laugh from a photo that was taken at the proper time.  And by proper time I’m not referring to when the little kid is finally smiling into the camera.  I’m talking about when either a great illusion takes place or something damned funny happens.

Sometimes you don’t see it as your taking the picture, and sometimes these things are planned.  My response?  Who the hell cares?  They can be incredibly entertaining.

From hands on asses to dribbling the sun, here are 20 pictures that were taken at the perfect time.  I’ve tried to title them appropriately.

A Moment of Zen

Moment Pictures

Getting Ready for Battle

Moment Pictures

Ass Kicked

Moment Pictures

Horse Face

Moment Pictures

Tiny Little Pet

Moment Pictures

Geisha Girl

Moment Pictures

Hoop Dreams

Moment Pictures

Getting it on with the Sphinx

Moment Pictures

Cause you got that Glow

Moment Pictures

Monumental Boner

Moment Pictures

Guardian Angel

Moment Pictures

Too Much Shaking

Moment Pictures

Hard as a rock

Moment Pictures

You Suck because there’s a glowing ball in your mouth

Moment Pictures

Bull Sh*t

Moment Pictures

You’re mine.  All of you are mine.

Moment Pictures

Fun Game of Grab Ass

Moment Pictures

Centaur Wedding

Moment Pictures

Sand is Horrible For you

Moment Pictures

The Right of Way

Moment Pictures

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13 responses so far

  • Stacey

    This post is full of FAIL. None of these were taken at the “right time”. They were PLANNED. Faaaiiiiiiilllll.

  • Natty

    Planned, taken at the right time, are you kidding me? Of COURSE they were taken at the right time. Did you not read the first paragraph? I even mention planned. Don’t come back to this site unless you have something intelligent to say.

  • Mack Hopkins

    I laughed so hard when I saw “Hard As A Rock”.

  • northerner

    Hey, you need to find out who the chick is in the “Ass Kicked” pic. She’s got a lovely bum. Gorgeous legs. Need to see more of her, chaps!

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  • Stacey is a bitch

    Stacey needs to go back in her double-wide and finish cooking the grits.

  • Just Sayin’

    Apparently the “perfect time” is “right after posing for your painfully obviously posed shot”.

  • just sayin’ is a bitch

    how can you plan an ant on a cup? and the youre mine one didnt seem like it either.. neither horse face.. too much shaking… horse face

  • honest observer

    Maybe you idiots should stop ranting at each other and dissing on the pics, and instead start complimenting on the greatness of these pics

    where else will you see a ticket to hell acheived by public doggy style

  • http://lifeofwaldo.blogspot.com waldo

    haha, Some of those are really good. im glad for ocne it didnt include the guy Shooting the basketball

  • lordofthepie

    Oooooooooh, the Roman statue grabbing that woman’s head is in York, UK just outside York Minster :D

  • Chief Mac

    Those were very good and entertaining. Well done… Yeah, some were posed, but really, who cares? Those that were, were obviously not staged so as to attempt to fool someone into believing that it was a candid shot. But, you always have those simple minded goobers that complain about anything they see or hear. Stacy, crawl back into your yuppie little California apartment, re-run some Obama blatherings that you no-doubt have TiVo’ed and feel right with the world again. Breathe, fake blonde, breathe… Atta girl…

  • Heebie Jeebie

    Just ran across this. Much fun, good pics. Reminds me when my wife wanted me to get a pic of her “holding” the Epcot ball at Disney. Best one is the ant vs. helo pic. If not Photoshopped, it’s superb. For the staged pics, they are all more imaginative than the usual faked pics one sees.



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