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Nov 24 2008

This is Just All Kinds of Wrong: The World’s Oldest Body Builder, 80-Year-Old Ray Moon

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Oldest Bodybuilder

Nothing can seem to stop 80 year old bodybuilder Ray Moon. After overcoming polio, open-heart surgery, prostate problems and financial ruin, he has now earned his status as the world’s oldest bodybuilder. Instead of giving up, Mr. Moon turned to a local gym began training.

Mr. Moon worked in the hospitality industry for 64 years and even cooked for the Queen before taking up body-building. Since walking into a gym just four years ago, the former acclaimed chef and restaurateur has taken out four Victorian and Australian bodybuilding championships (over-70 division).

Don’t get me wrong guys.  I have full respect for a guy who is 80 years old and takes care of himself.  But I have to say this.  I like to stay in shape too.  I want to look good like anyone else.  Hell I’ll even check out a Fitness Site from time to time.   But bodybuilding, at least the kind that’s on TV with all the ‘roids and stuff, that kind of stretches my boundaries.

Quite frankly, it’s gross.  And now I have to hear about the grossness taking new heights?  What if you’re one of the 30 year old competitors and they tell you “dude, you just gotta stand next to this 80-year-old oiled up guy for 10 minutes while he bends over, flexes, and shows his bare ass to the judges.

Oh and P.S. – Over 70 Bodybuilding contests?  Please don’t Tivo those.  Thanks.

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