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Nov 21 2008

Probably Not the Kind of Careers They Were Wishing For as Children…

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Weird Job

Here you go dude, go be by thousands of fish every day for 8 hours

From a very young age we are taught to have certain dreams.  As Americans we are encouraged to pursue the things we want and try to do what make us happy.  And as little kids most of us were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up.

Amazingly enough if I think back, I actually might have said “writer” but something more along the lines of “I want to write cool stories.”  This was in first grade.  Took me a while but now I’m sort of doing it.  Why do I bring this up?

Because most kids answers are general, as was my answer.  “Doctor.”  “Lawyer.”  “Fireman.”   Rarely will you hear “Semen Collector” or “Person who catches Elephant Poop.  There are some weird jobs out there man.

And here are some pictures of careers that I doubt these people envisioned for themselves.

The Elephant Poop Collector

Weird Job

Imagine going on a first date with this chick and going through those first questions like “So what do you do?”

Target Practice Sign Holder

Weird Job

Now that looks like fun.

The Guys Holding The Pool Scraper


Pool scraper is bad enough but the guys that have to hold him there?  Come on!

Stilts Clown

Weird Job

Shouldn’t more of these guys get massive concussions more often?  Why don’t we hear about Clown accidents?  You would think one or two of these guys would have to trip at some point.

The Guy Who Set up That Horse

Weird Job

This picture is by a photographer but what about the dude who had to set up that horse?  Now that’s a weird job.

Master Sniffer

Weird Job

I’m not making this up.  NASA hires this guy to see if there are any weird smells around their facilities.  He’s the master sniffer.

Semen Collector

Weird Job

I really don’t have words for this.

Crash Test Dummy Prepper

Weird Job

This guy puts together and clothes these dummies.  Man that sucks.

Looking Like Kevin Kline but being a Garbage Man

Weird Job

Ok this isn’t really part of this list but how is that not Kevin Kline?

This Guy

Weird Job

Here, you.  Stand there ALL day in this outfit.  Thanks.

Risky Photographer

Weird Job

Come on dude, there’s gotta be a better way.

Bomb Finder Outer?

Weird Job

What the hell are these guys doing?

Construction Worker on Tall Buildings

Weird Job

This always freaks me out.

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