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Nov 20 2008

20 Store Signs That You Just Can’t Make Up

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Weird Signs

Yesterday brought you 20 weird road signs and today I decided to look for signs for stores that kind of leave you either grinning or questioning what the hell these store owners were thinking.

You gotta hand it to those people that have such a sense of humor about their business.   On the other hand some of these places have you wondering what the hell goes on inside the store.  And on occasion, there’s just bad luck, like a busted light that screws up the wording.

Whatever the case, here are 20 store signs where you “just can’t make this stuff up.”

Weird Signs

Sure it’s childish but it’s a great start.

Weird Signs

At least there’s fresh meat there.

Weird Signs


Weird Signs

This can’t be real, but it’s still funny.

Weird Signs

Man it’s a good thing this place opened.  My Elves are getting to be a handful.  Thanks Chris Callahan for this one.

Weird Signs

Well that’s nice to know.

Weird Signs

And more!

Weird Signs

I have no comment but I like it a lot.

Weird Signs

Lighting blunders are funny, period.

Weird Signs

These things actually piss me off.

Weird Signs

Whereas these don’t at all.

Weird Signs

Worst store ever.

Weird Signs


Weird Signs

Yes they do.  Yes they do.

Weird Signs

Thank God one of these opened.

Weird Signs

A store opened by Beavis and Butthead.

Weird Signs


Weird Signs

I can think of a few exes that should shop here.

Weird Signs

Bye bye.

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  • http://www.KrunkMode.com Jayson Cole (KrunkMode)

    I’m pretty sure that is where Cloris Leachman shops.

  • J

    That’ prayhouse’ one is actually someone sticking a label over the logo of shopping chain in NZ. The original Store is called The Warehouse.

  • Brandon

    What do you mean, the “Blo us video” can’t be real? It’s a blockbuster video with bulbs burned out. What’s so unbelievable about that?

  • wimpyburger

    Wimpy was actually pretty big in the UK before Burger King and McDonald’s took over. I remember eating there as a kid. I think there’s still a few outlets around.

    Yup, here we go: http://www.wimpy.uk.com/

  • Andrew

    Wimpy: an English take on McDonalds. They served English thick-cut ‘chips’ instead of fries, veggie burgers at 200f, and of course, indifferent waitresses at the table. I once ate at Wimpy’s in Bognor Regis, well known as “The Last Resort”. Those cliche phrases which sound hollow even in an American fast food resturaunt, sounded awful when attempted in Bognor’s Wimpy, never have I heard “have a nice day” sound like a chastisement before.

  • Hunter

    Ive been to bunghole liquors. It was on a field trip to the Salem witch museum.

  • Putt putt

    hah, that guinea grinders is a couple blocks from my house… never thought about eating there.

  • Garrett

    the begining of something wonder full lmfao

    packageing mailing shiping hahahaha


    very well done!!!

  • http://www.ntopics.com/ ntopics

    This is a great display of signs.
    Hung Dong really busted me up.
    Blo us video too cool.

    thanks from tony

  • chris

    Bunghole liquors certainly exists in salem, ma…you can get shirts that say I got it in the bunghole! Another mention, if you could find a picture is one of the liquor stores in beaver creek, colorado. Beaver Liquors. Think about it.

  • nick

    the blo us video is real, thats down the street from where i work in brookline, mass. my manager told me about how he took that picture like a week ago

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  • shack

    Actually a Bunghole is the hole in a cask or barrel in what you make liquor, wine, beer, ect out of. So it makes perfect sense for that sign :P

  • Fuzz

    Wimpy is everywhere here in South Africa.. i never knew it to be strange?

    …. until now.

    funny how things seem normal as long as they have been there since birth.

  • Dave

    Wimpy is a chain of burger stores in the UK. Named after Popeye’s burger-eating chum, I believe.

  • RoyToy

    The Hillsdale LSD sign is from Back to the Future 2, I think.

  • queen victoria

    Errr the Uk has a chain of wimpy restaurants although over the years they have become more and more rare

  • bob

    guns & dentistry…. don’t go shootin’ your mouth off!! hahahaha ooow, my sides… so too much funny

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  • JM

    “fart” means good fortune in Polish. seriously.

  • K-Bones

    I actually have a T-Shirt from the Salem Bunghole Liquors, it says “Bunghole is not a dirty word” nad has a picture of a cask on the front… very classy!

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  • Ethan

    Just Oak & More! That’s awesome – I live 5 minutes away from there (It’s located in Wales, Wisconsin), and I still remember the first day I saw that place pop up. I couldn’t believe the name then and I’m glad somebody else can’t either!

    Great Post!

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  • http://mattymatty.blogspot.com Matty

    Been to that thrift store. it’s in San Luis Obispo I think.

  • Jack

    BARE FOOT HOES: I wish I had a picture of it b/c it was so priceless… it was a BARE FOOT SHOES sign with the S burned out…

  • sarah

    The guns & family dentistry is right by my house…well, it used to be anyhow, I think it’s been taken down.

  • Matt

    Still eat at Wimpy in Nottingham, UK. Only place to get a ‘Bender in a bun’ – http://www.wimpy.uk.com/menu-bgr.html

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  • Crystal

    My fiance and I have been to BUNGHOLE liquers in Salem MA! We have some good pictures of it! Where can I submit them?

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  • impassive

    Fart Fishing Store – “Fart” in Polish means lucky.

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  • http://www.cordlesspowertoolz.ocm jom

    I like the LSD one…the signs below that says “The Beginning of Something Wonderful” really complements it.

  • http://www.briandeuel.com BrianDeuelDotCom

    Formerly an arcade, now a Vietnamese market in Grand Rapids, MI:


  • http://www.sleepys.com Mattress

    The PMS one is pretty funny. Just please do not crack that joke to a woman while she is undergoing PMS.. (hysterically laughing!!)

  • A-niny-mouse

    I see that a prayer house can piss you off, but the cock house does not….. hmmmmmm

  • http://is.gd/Fo2/286160981 web

    I would love to go to the LSD store. An experience of a lifetime.

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  • JD

    In Dallas, next to each other is a Coffin Store and another store called “Boxes to Go”

  • jimbob

    I actually live by hung dong. It smells exactly like it sounds inside.

  • Idiot

    Dude start learning “Hung Dong” is a vietnamese supermarket.
    I Should know because im half Chinese/Viet/Canadian

  • http://katwaterflame.voice123.com Kat Waterflame

    There’s a clothing store at the Stanford Mall in California called “Free People.”

  • Crazzee

    A bunghole is actually the hole in the side of a barrel of alcohol. XD It makes SENSE!

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  • http://useralias.org/ Fun

    I would love to go to the LSD store. An experience of a lifetime.

  • Haley

    just oak & more,
    is right on the way to my aunts house.

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  • Bethany

    Is this the PMS store in Newnan Ga or are there more? I didn’t know if it was a chain or not.



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