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Nov 19 2008

The Myspace Toolbox: Danny Guido Wants you To Buy Him Stuff

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Danny Guido

I have to go on record in saying that after letting my hatred for and feelings of stupidity about this shirt rub off after around 3 weeks I came around to actually like Danny Guido.

Ok, actually I didn’t.  Like…at all.  Like not even remotely close.  I still think he’s a tool and that mother’s all around the country should pray that they don’t have sons that look like this.

Oompa Loompa Doompa Dee Doo.  I’ve got a guido who’s a toolbox for you.

P.S. Anyone that has Dane Cook in their top friends should be considered awful at best.


Danny Guido Danny Guido Danny Guido Danny Guido

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2 responses so far

  • Phelonious Punk

    Myspace Toolbox is the best blogging I’ve seen in a while.

  • David

    Pink tank top with girly message? Check!
    Capri pants with black sneakers? Check!
    Painted on fake orange tan? Check!
    Super gel blowout hairdo? Check!
    This guy is 100% DOUCHE BAG!



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