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Nov 19 2008

Strip Clubs: To Tell or Not To Tell, That is the Question

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Strip Club

Ah yes, my first attempt at a real article.  So here we go.    It’s any given Friday night.  You’re out with all your buddies and the drinks are really pouring in.  All of you are out late because (all of us don’t really go out late anymore) one of your buddies is in town and you all hadn’t seen him in a while so you know it’s gonna be a big night.

And of course, as the night winds down, and you’re not quite sure what to do after nearly closing out the bar, the term “nudy bar” comes into the mix.

First of all, strip clubs are always a bad idea, simply for the fact that they’re expensive as hell.   Don’t get me wrong, they are damned fun.  However, the other annoying thing about them is having to tell your lady friend where you went that evening.  Or do you tell at all?  That my friends is the question.

The answer?

Strip Club

I don’t know what kind of relationship you all have with your women (and vice versa, this could apply to women who like going to Chippendales places, though that’s disgusting), but I happen to have one that’s very trusting.  The only thing I’ve ever lied about in my career in this relationship which has lasted 4 years, was not using a coupon to get free deliveries from Fresh Direct.

I should have known when she gave me so much shit after finding out that I lied, that lying ever again and getting caught would be a bad idea. When I got home that night from the strip club I did not tell her where I had been.  And you know what?  I normally do tell her.  I normally would tell her.  Nothing weird went on, no hanky panky.  Just dudes looking at flesh.

Strip Club

And if it weren’t for me posting a one line statement about it in my Uncoached Facebook Group, she’d not have found out.  And clearly I subconsciously didn’t care because anything on Facebook gets out in around 3 seconds anyway.

So what’s the deal here?  Why didn’t I tell her?  Well, I guess it was because of all those guys who have wives or girlfriends that freak out about their significant others attending strip clubs.  And something just got in my head that she’d be none too pleased if she’d known.  I was wrong.  She wouldn’t have cared.  What she cared about is that I lied.

Strip Club

So that begs the question though.  Do you tell your lady if you went to a strip club or don’t you?  The answer isn’t cut and dry.  In my case?  The answer is an obvious “yes.”  It’s not like she wants to know the details.  It’s that she wants to know she’s in a trustful relationship, which I totally understand.

We’re all in different kinds of situations with our women.  For those guys in relationships with women who will freak out about it?  I’m gonna have to say, “take it to the grave.”  It’s unfortunate, and I’m not downplaying that relationship in any way.  It’s just better unsaid.

For those men that cheat on their wives?  Well, that’s not what this article was about.  This is about guys who are in great relationships and give a shit about their women.   The cheat on their wives guys?  That’s a different animal.  Go have your fun spending a grand in the champagne room thinking that “Bubbles” really likes you.  That’s up to you guy.  That and being a moron for cheating on your wife in the first place.

Strip Club

And sweetie, as the 14 people reading this article are my witnesses, I will never hide something like that from you again.

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  • Michael

    Well played sir. I agree, it’s not worth it lying about it. Hell, my girlfriend would be mad if I went to a strip club without her as she enjoys it more than I do.

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  • JT

    This post singlehandedly restored my faith in both the male and female genders as separate, yet dependent entities.

  • MsDancer98

    As a “stripper” (i prefer dancer) I promise that (as long as you’re spending) “Bubbles” does like you!


    Did anyone else notice the fact that there were CHILDREN in most of the photos?

    We wonder why our kids act the way they do?

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  • TH

    Got to go with Ms.Dancer98. Never was that popular until I learned how to negotiate topless clubs from Dallas to New York. Once you have been granted access into the private lives of the dancers it is like living on Fantasy Island.

    And yes it did require an initial cash investment, but looking at the stock market I would say I made the better investment.

    Dancer or entertainer is the correct wording when referring to your new beautiful sexy friends vocation. At least it works for me.

  • TH

    Got a little carried away thinking about my travels around the world of “Gentlemens” clubs. Regarding the do you tell problem. Assuming you have an explanation why you smell like your were rolled by the Marlborro Man and then douched in Jim Beam the answer depends on your girls attitude when you show up. It is a no win situation either way.

    Tell the truth and take your medicine like a man.



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