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Nov 17 2008

Perhaps it’s Time For the NBA To Push For the Tattoo Cap Again: NBA Tattoos are Getting Out of Control

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NBA Tattoos

This story didn’t make that much of a splash but I think it’s pretty funny.  Back in February the NBA pushed for a tattoo cap stemming on the heels of the dress code implementation to reduce the “hip-hop” culture. that the NBA was turning into.

Call me crazy but I think the players are rebelling even more now than ever.  Have you seen the amount of tattoos on necks now?  Are the players running out of real estate on their bodies?

As if 20 tattoos on your forearm isn’t enough you have to get something like “Black Jesus” on your neck (Amare Stoudemire)?  I know there’s been articles done on tattoos in the NBA before but it’s amazing that the players I’m about to show have even more tattoos than they used to.

Here are some pictures guys

Robert Swift

NBA Tattoos

Easily the worst white representative in the NBA ever.

NBA Tattoos

Larry Hughes

NBA Tattoos

What the hell is that face on the right side?  Seriously, what if he has kids?  Isn’t that going to scare them to death?

Chris Anderson

NBA Tattoos

OK Maybe he and Robert Swift are a tie.  By the way, all that crap on his left arm wasn’t there 3 years ago.

Rasheed Wallace

NBA Tattoos

“Hmmm, I wonder what I should start putting on my legs.”

Allen Iverson

NBA Tattoos

I like Iverson, I always have.  But a skull tattoo?  Come on buddy!  Do these guys really mean this stuff?  How are they going to feel when they’re old and gray with these tats all flubbery like?

Delonte West

NBA Tattoos

You had to get the neck done didn’t you Delonte…..For shame.

Kenyon Martin

NBA Tattoos

Alright that’s just dumb.  Is God a person?

NBA Tattoos

Matt Barnes

NBA Tattoos

The tattoos don’t bother me as much as his matted down hair.

Tim Duncan

NBA Tattoos

He’s way too much of a dork to have a tattoo.  And of course his tattoo is dorky.

Deron Williams

NBA Tattoos

Well now I know you’re from Texas Deron.  Congratulations on getting that point across.  You could have just told me when I met you.

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  • Tristan

    Do you have any tattoos? If you did you might understand why people get them. I have 5 myself and im only 19. We dont care what there going to look like when were old. We dont care what people think now so why would we care then. Stop hatin on tattoos so you can get a story. oh and sheed???? he only has like 3 tattoos. Did you run out of people to talk about

  • http://thedomefactor.blogspot.com Matt Torres

    I understand your beef here, but ‘Sheed? Come on. The tat on his arm represents the sun shining down on himself, his wife and 3 kids in a form of protection as brought upon Egyptian beliefs. Then the other tat on his arm is his high school’s mascot.

    Way to be a huge dick about it. I didn’t notice him holding 8 lbs of bling or getting a new tat to remind his wife that he he still loves her after he tried to get a rim job from some girl in CO.

  • koblack

    What do you mean Tim Duncan is too much of a dork to have a tatoo? Tatoos are gotten by all types of people in all walks of life, including Doctors, Lawyers, and businessmen. You can assume a certain type of individual gets a tatoo. I agree in some cases, it is excessive, but not in the case of duncan and wallace.

    Wake up

  • tattoodrake

    whoever wrote this obviously has a very biased opinion on tattoos and more than likely doesn’t even have one.
    if your going to write about something, at least be informed, not just hate hate hate



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