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Nov 14 2008

10 Scenes From Sports Movies That Really Pump You Up

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One of the best things about a sports movie, aside from the fact that it’s about a sport, is that you’ll generally get a couple of scenes that are sure to motivate you in some way.  I mean you can’t tell me that when Jimmy makes the final shot in Hoosiers that you don’t want to go out there and shoot free throws all night.

At least I know I did that when I first saw Hoosiers.   Whether it’s a training montage, a one liner, or a series of events, I’ve looked around for ten scenes that in my eyes are sure to pump you up.


OK guys.  Please read this before going into the comments section and blasting me for leaving stuff out.  If you want to say “I liked this scene or that scene” that I may have left out, that’s cool.  This list is not the defining list OK?  Got it?  Are we clear?

It’s just ten kick ass scenes so let’s leave it at that.

Gene Hackman’s Motivational Speech in Hoosiers

I also think the part where Jimmy Chitwood says “I’ll make it” gives me goosebumps.  However this speech sets the stage and you’re jacked up to watch the final game.

The Rudy Chant and Sack in Rudy

I think if you’re a male you kind of have to cry in this scene.  I also love how fat Jon Favreau is.

Karate Kid – Crane Kick

If you watch this now, it’s kind of high comedy.  But you have to admit when you first saw this, it was awesome.   One could also argue that the whole “You’re the Best” sequence was pretty pump uppish.

Vision Quest – Louden Swain warms up before the match

“Lunatic Fringe” blasting in the background before he goes on to take Shute.  What a great scene.

Wild Thing in Major League

This whole sequence absolutely kicks ass.  What a great capture of the mood at a baseball game.  This was just awesome.  Ignore the second part of this video.  Cerrano’s homerun and Willie’s slide also count.

Final Blast in The Natural

You just can’t beat this

“Hearts on Fire” in Rocky IV

I almost went with the normal training montage but this song is just too good.

Friday Night Lights – Gametime

This song owns.

Any Given Sunday – Peace by Inches

This is the obvious choice but it’s still great

The Strikeout in The Rookie

Great scene

*For the record I also really liked the “There Goes My Hero” end scene in Varsity Blues but I couldn’t find it.

Bonus Clip:  Vision Quest:  It’s what HAPPENS in that six minutes

This is amazing

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  • Justin

    The song in the “Friday Night Lights” clip is ‘New Noise’ by Refused. Great, great sports song. Pumps me up whenever it comes on my IPod.

  • Brian

    What about Miracle? The Kurt Russell speach before the Russia game is badass!

  • ryan

    how could you forget miracle!! the speach before the russia game is incredible!!

  • http://regretfulmorning.com Douchy Frat Boy

    I’ll be watching Friday Night Lights tonight.

  • http://www.bustedcoverage.com Busted Coverage

    My keyboard is covered in tears.

    Rudy was the greatest.

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  • http://Uncoached Golfnutzzz

    Wow. So many memories. Great compilation.

  • Evan

    Little things…
    Like #11 leaving the locker room twice after Pacino’s speech…
    Larusso’s “thanks alot” to Johnny…
    Charles S. Dutton’s 3 clap in Rudy…
    and if you watch the original Major League to the post game celebration, you’ll see a land whale come out of the stands twice.



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