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Nov 13 2008

7 Very Pathetic Youtube Attempts At Impersonations

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SternI’m always up for a good impersonation.  In fact I would consider myself someone who’s pretty decent at pretending to sound like other people or actors.  But nothing pisses me off more than when I see someone trying to impersonate an actor and they are just God awful.

It’s even worse when you know they suck and they actually think they’re good.   So good that they go ahead and try to make a youtube video for the world to see.  Who the hell are these people?

Well, it turns out that there are a fair amount of these people.  If you’re anything like me then I guarantee you that these 7 videos are going to piss you off.

Christopher Walken

Wow.  This is tremendously bad.

Some Schmuck Billy Black

Is this guy serious?

Asian Guy Is Not Good

His first one is decent and then it gets horrible

I’d Like to Hit this Guy

Really, Sean Connery?  Oddly enough his Napolean Dynamite is spot on.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Is this guy trying to do Pee Wee Herman? Although I like the song in the background.

Jack Nicholson

How badly do you want to beat up this guy?

The Joker

Why, because you have the makeup?  This sucks

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