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Nov 12 2008

25 of The Hottest Ladies in Sports Movies (That Actually Had Legit Roles)

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Sports Movie Hotties

Alright folks.  I’ve searched long and I’ve searched hard.  And yes, I’m sure I’m missing some.  But you try coming up with this list.  It was not easy.  And I’ll tell you why.  Sports movies have hot chicks all the time.  A cheerleader is easily considered to be a hot chick in a sports movie.

But what about a girl who actually has a reasonably significant role in the movie?  Well that kind of narrows it down just a tad.  So I scoured the earth to find 25 hotties of the sports movie genre.  Bear in mind, they had real roles in the movies.

For example, it would have been nice to use the pornstars Jilly Kelly and Chasey Lain in He got Game but I just couldn’t.

Enjoy this list of 25 hot women in sports movies

*Pictures are all movie shots or at the time of the movie

Brooke Langton in The Replacements

Sports Movie Hotties

I wanted to marry her in this movie.

Kathy Ireland in Necessary Roughness

Sports Movie Hotties

Welcome to FOOT.  Ball.  Man I love those cleats.

Ali Larter in Varsity Blues

Sports Movie Hotties

Whipped Cream!

Brigitte Nielsen in Rocky IV

Sports Movie Hotties

You have to admit her 6 foot frame and control of her husband Mr. Drago ( I mean the guy doesn’t even talk) was pretty sexy.  Yeah she’s nutty looking now, but she was hot back then.  Plus her name was Ludmilla in the movie.

Cynthia Gibb Youngblood

Sports Movie Hotties

She was the cutest, girlfriendy chick in this movie.  Oh yeah, and you get to see her boobs.

Kate Bosworth in Blue Crush

Sports Movie Hotties

You could also use her in Remember the Titans.  But she definitely had it going on as a surfer badass.

Cindy Morgan in Caddyshack

Sports Movie Hotties

Ah yes, Lacey Underall.   Skinny skiing.  I’m game.

Keira Knightly in Bend it Like Beckham

Sports Movie Hotties

This is before Keira was too skinny.  And I’m talking see through skinny.  She was thin in this flick but I thought she was gorgeous.

Moira Kelly in The Cutting Edge

Sports Movie Hotties

Sports movie?  Figure Skating.  Yes, technically.  So it counts.  And Moira was a cutie in this.

Cameron Diaz in Any Given Sunday

Sports Movie Hotties

I’m not a huge fan of her but she was damned hot in this movie.  I think it was her cold hearted character that made her even more sexy.

Lauren Holly in Any Given Sunday

Sports Movie Hotties


Jessica Biel in Summer Catch

Sports Movie Hotties

What a crappy movie and what a hot girl to be in such a crappy movie.

Linda Fiorentino in Vision Quest

Sports Movie Hotties

You see her boobs in Gotcha.  While her hair was a bit too 80′s in this, she’s still sexy.

Nikki Reed in Lords of Dogtown

Sports Movie Hotties

The real hottie in this movie is Sophia Vergara but she only had like two lines so I couldn’t make her an official member of this list.  I’m a big fan of Nikki Reed.

Estella Warren in Driven

Sports Movie Hotties

Car racing.  Counts as a sports movie!

Kim Basinger in The Natural

Sports Movie Hotties

There aren’t too many movies where Basinger doesn’t look incredible.  This is no exception.

Christine Taylor in Dodgeball

Sports Movie Hotties

You have to admit she looked damned good in that uniform (and when she kisses a chick at the end).

Rosario Dawson in He Got Game

Sports Movie Hotties

You do see her and her boobs in a sex scene with Ray Allen.  Me likey.  Still though, the pornstars stole the show in this movie.

Kelly Preston in Jerry McGuire

Sports Movie Hotties

Or you can use her in For Love of the Game.  Either way,  she is definitely my favorite on this list.

Alison Doody in Major League II

Sports Movie Hotties

This was her in the Indiana Jones days. It does her no justice

Remember the hot Nazi Elsa in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade?  Booyah.  She’s unreal in Major League II.

Lolita Davidovich in Play it to the Bone

Sports Movie Hotties

Picture is from Mystery Alaska.

One could also argue for Lucy Liu in this spot but I think Davidovich takes the crown from this movie.  She’s also in Mystery Alaska.

Julie Bowen in Happy Gilmore

Sports Movie Hotties

This is before her Revlon Commercials.  Still hot though.

Jennifer Tilly in Let it Ride

Sports Movie Hotties

It’s tough to consider this movie a sports movie but it’s horse racing so what the hell.  Man did she look hot in this.  Wow.

Vanessa Angel in Kingpin

Sports Movie Hotties

Bet you guys thought I’d forget about her didn’t you…

Margaret Whitton in Major League

Sports Movie Hotties

It was either her or Susan Sarandon in Bull Durham.  I went with the stripper.

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  • Dave Clark

    I don’t know how you can possibly leave out Lea Thompson from “All the Right Moves.”

  • Mike

    Elizabeth Banks in SEABISCUIT

  • J.R.

    What about Rene Russo in Tin Cup or Shannon Tweed in Hot Dog?

  • Hino

    What about Nicole Kidman in “Days of Thunder”?

  • Jovan

    You’re forgetting about all the Sistas:

    Sannaa Lathan in Love ‘n’ Basketball
    Halle Berry in The Program
    Ashanti in Coach Carter
    Gabrielle Union in Bring It On

    All 4 were smokin’ HOT!!!

  • Charlie

    Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby

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  • Karl

    What about Kate Mara in We Are Marshall.

  • Gary

    Elizabeth Banks in Invincible!

  • Howard White

    Kirsten Dunst in Wimbelton
    Jean Peters in It Happens Every Spring
    Parminder Nagra in Bend It Like Beckham

  • Howard White

    Whoops I forget:
    Esther Williams in Take Me out to the Ballgame
    June Allyson in the Monte Stratton Story

  • simon

    kate mara in we are marshall?

  • Ben

    Kata Mara in “We Are Marshall”

  • Chris

    Jenna Fischer in Blades of Glory…
    Carmen Elektra in BASEketball…
    Kristy Swanson in The Program…

  • Natty

    You mean Yasmin Bleeth?

    Swanson is a good call.

    And SORRY for leaving out Lea Thompson. Jesus! How about a little credit for the other 25 people!

  • Chris

    Great job, man…. one heckuva list. All of us smart-asses just have to chime in!

  • Ken

    How about Susan Sarandon in Bull Durham?

  • http://www.bustedcoverage.com Busted Coverage

    Yeah, leaving out Sarandon was pretty much a slap to women in sports movies.

  • Natty

    I didn’t leave her out! I mentioned her.

  • Ralph

    Elisabeth Shue in Karate Kid. Maybe not hot, but really cute.

  • bryan

    Charlize theron in Bagger Vance

    Madonna in A league of their own (still in her dirty sex pot days)

  • O’Dell

    I’m with Jovan.

    Sanaa Lathan in Love and Basketball. Smokin’!

  • Scoop

    Number one, of course, should be Corinne Bohrer in Dead Solid Perfect

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  • Bruce

    Hey, Elizabeth Shue has ALWAYS been HOT!
    Check out her role as The Babysitter in the movie “Babysitter” — NICE!!

  • Jarrod

    Kate Mara in We are Marshall was (is) definitely one of the hottest ever!

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  • Robert

    You forgot Rene Russo in Tin Cup!

  • Andrew

    Good call on Moira Kelly in an underrated movie. But, you forgot about both Mariel Hemingway and Patrice Donnelly in Personal Best.

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