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Nov 10 2008

Ten Banned Commercials That Never Made it to the USA (And sometimes Elsewhere)

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Bud Light

I think most people in the USA who have half a brain are starting to realize that the U.S. is pretty weak compared to other countries when it comes to television programming.

I mean the fact that we barely started allowing the word “shit” into cable networks is absurd to me.  And when it comes to sexuality, we are light years behind our Worldly counterparts.  I think there’s hope that we’re coming around.  Television is a bit more racy these days but we shouldn’t be so damned censored all the time.

That’s why HBO and Showtime are becoming such beloved networks.  Think about it.  Californication is all sex and vulgar language.  Granted the writing is incredible but come on, we know it’s racy.  Dexter is ultraviolent.  The list can go on.

Would it be so taboo to put shows like these on network TV?  I can’t wait for that day to come.  Unfortunately it might not be in my lifetime. Advertisers need to embrace what we’re really about in life.  It’s not all sunshine and non curse words.  Same goes for commercials.

Here are ten commercials that would have been nice to see at the time they were made.

Zazoo Condoms

Well you could see why this would be banned but it makes a damned good point.




Why would this one be banned?  I don’t get that.  The blindness?

Beer Makes Women Beautiful

Oh come on!  That was funny damnet.

Mercedes Benz

A classic.

Bud Light


Nike – Just Do It

Man we are a weak country.  You can’t let that one slide?


THIS was banned?  What the hell is wrong with us?

Hyundai Sonata

Now that was unexpected

Honda Civic

Sometimes you forget the family is in the car.

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