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Nov 05 2008

Yes, I Bailed Her Out of Jail: The Ashley Biden Story You Haven’t Heard

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Ashley Biden

Now that the election is over I can finally get this off my chest.  For the record I voted for Obama and am a big fan of he and Biden.  I just found this to be funny because no one knows about it.

For those of you unfamiliar with Ashley Biden:

Ashley Blazer Biden is the 27-year-old daughter of Senator Joe Biden our new Vice President and running mate of Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election. She is a social worker who is employed with the Delaware Department of Children, Youth and Families.  Biden is also a board member of the Delaware organization.

She is also known for being a “bad girl” back in her college days.  Ashley was arrested in Chicago back in August 2002 on a misdemeanor charge of obstructing a police officer.  That’s actually putting it lightly.  Apparently she spit on the guy.

And while we all have read that story, there’s one story you have not read about Ashley and that story involves me, Tulane University, marijuana, and bailing her out of Jail in New Orleans.  This story is 100% true and I can prove it very easily with the support of a number of people who went to Tulane.

Ashley Biden

I believe the year was 1999.  It was either September or October.  I was a junior at Tulane University ready to start yet another fantastic year of college.  I, being in a fraternity that sat right across from an all girls dorm, was very excited at the prospect of a new crop of freshman girls.  One of those girls?  None other than Ashley Biden.

I never paid it any mind.  And I would imagine most people at the school didn’t.  I just remember meeting her and someone telling me she was the daughter of Senator Joe Biden.  I can even recall that first meeting.  She was extremely attractive and definitely dressed to “party.”  I’ll never forget the short shorts she always used to wear.  And boy could she party.  She just had a way about her.  A cute face, sick body, and a charm that people were definitely attracted to.

Every single time I saw this girl out she was hammered.  I’m not quite sure as to her sexual history at Tulane, but rumors have it that threesomes were common and that drug use was rampant.  This has nothing to do with me by the way.   What has to do with me was that at the beginning of the school year I became friends with Ashley.

I admit, I wanted more than that, though I never really told her.  So I was one of the first older guys she knew at school which is kind of important here.  Why?  Well because one afternoon at school Ashley had called me to hang out at my apartment.  She asked if she could bring a friend to come over and smoke (yes I smoked pot back then) and I said fine.

I sat there on my porch and they didn’t show.  I sat in my living room, and they didn’t show.  It was well over an hour and nothing.  And that was strange because Ashley was no more than 10 minutes away when she called me.  After well over an hour of waiting, I get a call.

It’s Ashley, but not from her cell phone.  “Where are you?” I said.  Her reply?  “Central Lock Up.”  “What the hell are you doing there?” was my response.  It turns out that Ashley and her friend were in a car driving to my apartment.  They were going the wrong way down a one way street and they happened to get pulled over by a cop.

What they probably shouldn’t have done was take marijuana in the car with them.   The cop saw the weed and busted the two girls.  Now, why Ashley called me is still a mystery to me.  I think it’s because I was the only older guy she knew at school and didn’t know who else to call.

So I’m there thinking “what the hell am I supposed to do?”  I wound up borrowing my roommate Chris’s car (you can question him on this as well) and I drove downtown to the bailbonds place I was supposed to go to.  It took forever but I used my credit card and posted bail for Ashley and her friend.

I can’t recall the exact time but I remember it being pretty late, probably past 11PM before I was finally able to pick her up.  She was definitely freaked out when she got in the car.  She told me all the women in the holding cell were harassing her and her friend.

But here’s the kicker.  For some reason I remember her friend being a total snot in the car.  And that sucked.

After that night, for some reason Ashley and I never really hung out again. I have no answer to that one but there are two things I’m taking out of this story.

One.  I never even hooked up with this girl which really sucks because considering her reputation at school, you would think that some kind of “thanks” would have been nice.

Two.  College was amazing and this story is way down on my list of best stories, but because no one knows about it, it’s fun stuff right after her pop just became Vice President of the United States of America.

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