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Nov 05 2008

I Swear I did the Best I Could: 10 Hottest WNBA Players (As Long As They’re Done up)

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Hot WNBA Players

I’m going to go on record in saying this list took me well over an hour to compile.  And considering the long list of hot athletes there are in all sports combined, and how fast I could find them, that makes this WNBA hottie list an eternity of wasted minutes.

I was so damned tempted to go the NCAA route because there are plenty in there (Alesha Robertson is up there).   However, I stuck to my guns to provide a valuable service to you guys.  If you are in the rare position of having to actually watch a WNBA game then this list might be of service.

Here are 10 WNBA players that I would actually consider to be reasonably attractive in their going out clothes.

This list is in NO order.  Order is impossible.  Leave me alone.

Svetlana Abrosimova – Connecticut Sun

Hot WNBA Players

Ilona Korstine – Phoenix Mercury

Hot WNBA Players

Sue Bird – Seattle Storm

Hot WNBA Players

Everyone seems to love her.

Lauren Jackson – Seattle Storm

Hot WNBA Players

She’s 6’5 and has posed nude so that’s cool.

Becky Hammon – San Antonio, ex New York Liberty

Hot WNBA Players

Maria Stepanova – Phoenix Mercury

Hot WNBA Players

Maria is on the right.

Kayte Christensen – Chicago Sky – recently released

Hot WNBA Players

Kristen Mann – Indiana Fever

Hot WNBA Players

Kristen is on the left, and the cleavage isn’t horrible.

Stacey Dales-Shuman – Chicago Sky (Recently Retired in Apr 2008)

Hot WNBA Players

Swin Cash – Seattle Storm

Hot WNBA Players

I’m not a huge fan but people seem to dig it, so there you go.

Can I go to sleep now?  Thanks.

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  • dio

    becky hammon plays for san antonio silver stars, not the new york liberty. becky led san antonio to a wnba finals loss to detroit.

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  • http://soxanddawgs.com Ian

    Nice to see 3 former UConn Huskies on the list.

    Svetlana is much hotter now than she ever was at UConn.

  • Madison

    Becky Hammon is awesome – that girl is all about the paper. She knows what’s up.

  • nc

    weak. where are the sistas?

  • Q. Bango

    No Candace Parker? Shameful.

  • http://www.thebirdwatch.com MO Boiler

    Katie Douglas?

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  • llsee

    Pretty weak list. Must not be a WNBA fan. So how come only white girls (except for Swin Cash) make the list? No Candace Parker, no Candace Wiggins and Lisa Leslie still looks good. Of course I’d still vote for Monica Wright as the best! (Sanaa Lathan in the movie “Love and Basketball)

  • http://soxanddawgs.com Steve

    I can’t believe my friend Ian commented and didn;t send you to our bit of work.

    The Sox & Dawgs Hotties of the NCAA Tournament.


  • Davud A

    If you’re not going to look beyond the white girls, no sense doing this list at all!

  • Jeremiah Wright

    God damn this racist list.

  • Natty

    Jesus guys, is Swin Cash white? I think Candace Parker is decent, just not as hot as the others. I’m all for African Americans. There ain’t too many to choose from in the WNBA. Give me a break man!

    I liked Sheryl Swoops in her day.

  • Heit


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  • mick e

    Does your interpretation of “WNBA” mean Whitechick National Basketball Association?

  • Don

    Ok so these girls are hot…but like someone mentioned, you definitely don’t follow the WNBA to make this list. I’m not going to go the race line, but come on…only one?

    You say “There ain’t too many to choose from in the WNBA”. More proof that you don’t follow the league at all. Most of the people who are going to comment here are those who do follow the league and will tell you this list is pathetic at best.

    *Also of note is that you have 3 ladies on this list who weren’t in the WNBA this past season.

  • Marc

    Why don’t you just say you aren’t a huge fan of Swim Cash because she is too dark or black.

  • Sharon

    Where’s Chery Ford -She’s a knock out

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  • Steve

    Hahah you coulda did alot better than this. What no ivory latta, no candace parker or renee montgomery? I know theres even more that id love to bone.

  • Steve

    Also some of these girls are questionable. Sue Bird? Really?

  • http://- tonga

    i like candice wiggins from the Lynx

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  • Jason

    You don’t have to say which one is on the left and on the right. In your case, “the white one” will suffice.

  • YaBoyO

    He said Candace Parker is decent??? GTFOH Candace Parker is easily top 3….look at it this way she light skinned hahaha

  • smittenkitten

    RACIST list that is full of below average looking white girls. 1 out of 10 for being convincing. 10 out of 10 for being blind & racist. well done!!

  • It’s the P

    lol lotta commenters got their panties in a bunch. make your own nappy lists

  • deevee

    you’re not serious, are you? i don’t watch wnba a lot but i don’t assume that only white girls are hot. and eff, no deanna nolan? ha. ha.

  • Jassy V

    Ummm I’ma girl and I say this list is bogus! Swin over CANDACE PARKER?! Ummm yea bull!



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