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Nov 04 2008

11 Locations in the World As Described By Only One Picture

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Only In

Only in Amsterdam

Hopefully this is only part one of a series called “Only In.”  If I can find enough pictures for you guys, I will continue making posts on this in the future.  I’ll need your participation though.  Please send me all your pics.

Ever notice how sometimes you’ll be in a certain location and you realize that some of the things that go on there can only be summarized with the words “Only in?”  Like only in Amsterdam will you see hookers showcased in glass.

With that concept in mind, here are 10 more that I thought you might find interesting.

Only in China

Only In

Only in Africa

Only In

Only in Alaska

Only In

Only in Brazil

Only In

Only in India

Only In

Only in Germany

Only In

Only in America

Only In

Only in Thailand

Only In

Only in Texas

Only In

Only in Japan

Only In

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  • http://www.pangitster.com/ sexy funny photos

    I think you should find something that is only in the Philippines also.


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  • petarrrmatey

    haha that picture of the moose hangs on the second floor of the old folks home where I do maintenance. I know the people that owned that creature…. but… who gives a shit other than me haha I just found it cool that I ran across that pic on the net. and btw wasn’t in Alaska, was in Alberta Canada.


  • http://theearthsaver.com Garrison

    It’s amazing how a 24 hr. Fitness would have an escalator, ridiculous.

  • aaa

    America is 100% true!!!

  • The Manticore

    that moose is a poor example of photoshoppery! You dont know SHIT petarr.

  • http://www.coolpicsblog.com Coo Photos

    the ‘only in china’ shot is impressive
    I would never pay for such a day at the swimming pool!

  • http://http//www.lifeofjustin.com Justin Wright

    HAHAHA only in America would a gym have an escalator!

  • http://thefitnessdiva.blogspot.com The Fitness Diva

    Holy Hell! The “only in Africa” guy with the snake!

    Whaaaaaa?????? :O

    That is incredible!

  • Ananymous.

    You should put “Only in America” and put a picture of George Bush.

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  • Tom

    You can find hookers in glasses in Hamburg too :)

  • http://askthetrainer.com Personal Trainer

    you forgot ONLY on the Internet, and I know you Know the pics i’m talking about!!

  • Katie

    how do i send you a picture? i have one for only in the Philippines which ironically was requested. the photo was taken by my dad. its ridiculous.

  • http://eagletours.com.au coach sydney

    A set of absolutely jaw dropping photos of people doing the most unbelievable things from around the world.

  • Emily

    You could do a whole post of ‘only in Japan’. Have you SEEN the crazy stuff that comes out of that country?!

  • Steve

    The “Only in Alaska” one is a fake… it was debunked on snopes.com. The most obvious give-away is that the logs on the right and left are exactly the same, just flipped.

  • http://www.japanesewords.net/ Japanese words

    It took me a second to figure out what was wrong with the 24 hour fitness picture.. How Ironic!



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