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Nov 03 2008

My Picks For the Top 16 Hottest Prime Time Television Mothers of All Time

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Hot TV Mothers

If you really think about it, in the history of television there haven’t been too many moms that were incredibly hot.  And there’s just something special about knowing that while this woman is a responsible, caring guardian, that she could transform into a seductive cougar in about 2 minutes.

And that’s why I’ve decided to come up with this list.   Here are the rules though.  No daytime television.  Soap Operas don’t count.  All the women are way too hot so it’s void.  Also, no Univision.  There’s just too many hot chicks on that channel. We’re sticking to American Television here.  And we’re also sticking to prime time.

Here are my picks for the top 16 hottest prime time TV moms of all time.   P.S.  Thanks to my buddies Nick and Eds for the assist on some of these.

Samantha Stevens – Bewitched

Hot TV Mothers

Played by Elizabeth Montgomery.  This may have been the 60′s but Montgomery was smoking back then.  Would have been nice to see her use those powers in the bedroom.

Becky Katsopolis – Full House

Hot TV Mothers

Played by Lori Loughlin.  I am such an amazingly huge fan of Loughlin.  In fact I put her in this list twice.  She’s that hot.

Gabrielle Solis – Desperate Housewives

Hot TV Mothers

Played by Eva Longoria.  An obvious choice but you have to put it in there.  Way to go Tony Parker.  Yay!

Debra Barone – Everybody Loves Raymond

Hot TV Mothers

Played by Patricia Heaton.  When Heaton first entered this show, she was far from hot.  But if you saw any of the last three seasons, she wore some slutty stuff, and it was hot.

Kate McArdle – Kate and Allie

Hot TV Mothers

Played by Susan Saint James.  People never really bring up Kate and Allie.  That was a pretty solid show and Saint James was very good looking.

Peggy Bundy – Married With Children

Hot TV Mothers

Played by Katey Segal.  Post breast implants you have to admit there was something about her in a very dirty kind of way.

Kirsten Cohen – The OC

Hot TV Mothers

Played by Kelly Rowan.  Hard to believe this woman was a mother.  Nevertheless a very hot blond.

Angela Bauer – Who’s the Boss

Hot TV Mothers

Played by Judith Light.  It was either her or Maggie Seaver and I decided to go with Judith Light on this one.  She was good looking, took charge in the office and kind of cute at times.  I feel like a drunk night out with her would turn her into a cat.

Susan Mayer – Desperate Housewives

Hot TV Mothers

Played by Teri Hatcher.  Another obvious choice but you can’t mess with “they’re real and they’re spectacular.”

Julie Cooper – The OC

Hot TV Mothers

Played by Melinda Clarke.  She’d be my biggest candidate in this list for a rough sex kind of a night.  It’s obviously her character on the show but still….

Lily Van Der Woodsen – Gossip Girl

Hot TV Mothers

Played by Kelly Rutherford.  Blake Lively’s got some competition on this show.  Mama Lily can definitely hold her own.

Debbie Wilson – 90210

Hot TV Mothers

Played by Lori Loughlin.  And that’s my second mention of Loughlin.  It’s well deserved.  I mentioned this yesterday in fact.  She’s hotter than Shenae Grimes.

Isobel Stevens  – Grey’s Anatomy

Hot TV Mothers

Played by Katherine Heigl.  Unfortunately we don’t really get to see the hot version of Heigl on this show, but we all know how talented her upper torsoe is.  Granted she’s barely a mom on the show, she’s still a mom.

Marilyn Bauer – 24

Hot TV Mothers

Played by Rena Sofer.  Ah yes, Rena.  Her eyes man.  It’s the eyes.

Gretchen Morgan- Prison Break

Hot TV Mothers

Played by Jodi Lyn Okeefe.  Anytime you see her sweating on that show, it’s a treat.

Sarah Connor – Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Hot TV Mothers

Played by Lena Headey.  Lena is the perfect person to round out this list.  What a hottie.

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  • Drew

    Um…January Jones. Mad Men. That is all.

  • fuzzbutt

    Good call on Lori Laughlin. Some nudes of her would do nicely.

  • whynot

    wow, pretty lame. Dont you actually have to “play” a mother on television to get on the list. might actually do more research on this list…

  • LJ

    How in the name of everything MILF is Ali Larter not on this list?

  • BudHeavyWVU

    Nice list, but two that need to be on this list are Jami Gertz as Judy Miller on Still Standing and Megyn Price as Claudia Finnerty on Grounded for Life.

  • Buck

    No WAAAAYYY is Judith Light hotter than Joanna Kerns. Judith always looked semi-retarded, and if you’ve never seen Joanna’s butt, google it. It was amazing.

  • kaj

    You forgot Joy on “My Name Is Earl.” Stupid as a brick, but doable in so many ways.

  • Frank

    How about Rachel from Friends? Way hotter than Louglin who in my opinion is overrated.

    Good call on Patricia Heaton!

  • anrky1

    I second the choice of Mmmmmegyn Price. Absolutely delectable.

  • http://canhelpyou.blogspot Molly

    Nice pics all

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  • The Mutt

    A nice list with one serious omission: Laura Petrie! All you had to do was pull the sofa back and she’d dance all over the living room in Capri pants and a tight sweater over a torpedo bra. So smoking hawt!

  • Rizz

    I think Joely Fisher from Till’ Death should be on that list as well.

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  • Roscoe

    Lorelai Gilmore of Gilmore Girls as portrayed by Lauren “F**k me Santa!” Graham.

  • Tommy Gavin

    OKAY what about Janet Gavin from Rescue Me? wtf is wrong with you people she should be number one.

  • C

    Patricia Heaton? She is totally repellant. I wouldn’t even watch that show because of the gag reflex whenever she walked on screen.

  • XYZ

    How about Florence Henderson, Meredith Baxter, Jennifer Aniston (she has a kid–remember?

  • Five Finger Discount

    This list is a terrific list. I read another list some damn place a few months ago that said that both Judith Light and Patricia Heaton were some of the worst looking t.v. mothers. I say bullsh*t! They are frigging sexy as hell!

    Thanks for the list.

    Also, I would like to add:

    Why is it that Al Bundy never seemed that attracted to Peg. She has always been hot to me. If Peggy were my wife I would have a constant limp from all of the frolicking in the bedroom with her.

    I would have added to this list is Liza Snyder’s character on “Yes, Dear”. Liza is one of the sexiest sit-com women around, IMO.

    Great frigging list! You really did these women justice!

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  • stoneman

    Hot TV Mom
    Barbara Alyn Woods
    i would have traded my left nut for a piece of that

  • asdf

    Don’t forget about Mary-Louise Parker from weeds!

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  • Zack

    Where’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus??? She’s hotter than all these chicks combined!!!



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