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Nov 30 2008

Sports Sunday: The Most Memorable Thanksgiving Weekend Play Ever

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I was talking to my buddy Eds the other day and I asked him what would be an appropriate sports clip to share today.  Since he’s a real Boston fanatic I told him “no Pats, no Sox, and no Celtics.”

So of course he comes back with Flutie’s Hail Mary.  You had to get Boston in there somehow didn’t you Edsy.  Great call though.  What a play.

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Nov 30 2008

Sunday’s Question of the Week: Is Reggie Bush Going to Ruin My Fantasy Football Quest?

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Reggie Bush

And I’m sure most people who own Reggie Bush on their squads are wondering the same thing.  I mean what the hell?  I have one of the best teams in my league and I’m only 6-6.  This is an outrage.   I refuse to believe it’s taken him this long to heal.  I’m convinced he’s still partying in Cabo circa 2005.

Either that or he’s hanging out with Jared from Subway and giving him Kim Kardashian’s scraps. Just get on the field and score some TD’s buddy.  We need ya!

P.S.  Best quote of the fantasy year from my league? “I am going to choke slam Andy Reid and Donovan Mcnabb” following last week’s benching.

REggie Bush

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Nov 29 2008

Sexy Saturday: Just Another Vegas Girl Named Jessica

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I don’t even know her full name.  I just found her on Myspace.  Her name seems to be Jessica.  She appears to be one of those Vegas chicks who parties for a living as evidenced by her appearance in some awful hip hoppy dance video by Luigi K on the frontpage to her profile.

I can’t really gather much other info.  What I can deduce is the perfect path for this girl.  Get into some small time naked shoots.  Eventually strip.  Get approached by the most amateur and raunchy porn production company there.  Work your way to the top and have the stage name “Pammy.”

I don’t know why, just trust me.

More of “Pammy” after the jump

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Nov 29 2008

The Weekend Wash: Lindsay Lohan is Still Sexy, Valentina Dessi’s Lips, and Sayaka Ando

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Click on the photo to view more of Lindsay Lohan

Ladies and Gentlemen.  I would imagine those foods have been digested and you’re ready to return to the work force right?  If not, get off your lazy asses and take a jog for Christ’s sake.  It’s one day of food.  Relax.  Alright, maybe I’m just yelling at myself.  I only have one thing to say today (and I’ll be saying it again tomorrow):  Reggie Bush, you run buddy, you run like the wind!

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The Wash

Valentina Dessi has very inviting lips – [Bustedcoverage]

Sayaka Ando is a very hot Japanese Model – [COED Magazine]

The newest edition of Hotties in the Wild – [Doubleviking]

This is what they call the circle of poo – [Othercrap]

Beyonce looking pretty good in a black catsuit – [Totally Crap]

Some hottie named Helen Tucker did Maxim – [On205th]

The penis of this Polar Bear is very tough to spot – [Holy Taco]

P Diddy is the King! – [Flabber]

If only Shawshank was an 80′s Movie – [Nextround]

Brian Urlacher’s 100 problems – [Withleather]

The Bro (or Manzziere) goes mainstream in Japan – [Don Chavez]

Maybe the greatest 15 seconds of Adriana Lima Ever – [The LOTD]

5 Tips to improve your phone game – [The Bachelor Guy]

The Worst News Anchor Ever – [Manofest]

Carmen Electra is Playboy’s anniversary present – [Saltymilk]

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Nov 28 2008

Lauren Michelle Hill Leads the PM Portfolio

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Lauren Michelle Hill

Click on the photo for behind the scenes with Hill

Don’t you just love those pictures with their butts perched up in the air like that?  And don’t you just love how even though the perfect vision is of you on top of that perched butt, that that vision holds about a .0000001% chance of ever being a reality?  Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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Enjoy the rest of the portfolio

Kitana Tila Tequila Danica Petra Indian Degg Taylor Eleonora

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Nov 28 2008

This Is By Far the Coolest Seal of All Time

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I hope that for as long as I live that I’m interested in animals.  When I was a little kid I used to love watching Marty Stouffer’s Wild America.  Remember how badass that guy used to be?  His voice was so soothing and his rustic beard always made you believe that this guy had some serious experiences under his belt.

And I gotta say that in recent years I’m less interested in seeing animals in zoos being confined to a certain environment.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not all PETA or anything (I love eating steak and don’t care that cows are killed in order for me to do so).  It’s just that sometimes I want to see these things in the wild.

However, I will say this.  The one cool thing about zoos is human interaction and pet tricks.  Clearly the animals don’t learn this stuff on the north pole.  That’s why seals are awesome.  They do some pretty cool tricks.  And this seal?  A.  He’s HUGE and B.  This guy must be having so much fun.

Check out the coolest seal of all time.

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Nov 28 2008

Songs That Are Embarrassing to Like: “Arrested By You,” Rupert Hine

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There’s just something very soothing about this song.  And let me tell you men out there.  It’s OK to like this song.  It just has a nice melody to it doesn’t it?  And I don’t care what you guys think damnet.  It’s in Better off Dead so that makes it rule.   It’s Friday and all you people are at home not really reading any websites.

If you are in fact reading this…Curl up in a ball, light a candle, and play this song thinking about that special someone.

Good thing my next post is a bunch of hot chicks.  Afraid I was “turning” weren’t you….

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Nov 28 2008

She’s Uncoachable: Very Sexy Boston Bartender Kristy Ann

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Kristy Ann

So it’s Friday.  Most of you are at home trying to wake up from all that heavy food.  But I know that some of you have snuck off to the other room to get a peak at who’s Uncoachable today.  Well it happens to be Boston born Kristy Ann.  I know nothing about her but she’s blond and looks very lovely to me. (Here’s a bio)

So if you have a few minutes of “alone” time at your parents house that you are staying in, I sincerely hope you are using it to masturbate to my site.  Just don’t write in any detailed comments about your experiences.  OK write ‘em in.  That’s fine.   In the meantime…

More of Kristy Ann after the jump

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Nov 28 2008

The Thanksgiving Weekend Toolbox: Johnny C

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Johnny C

Happy Thanksgiving Vacation Day off to you too turdface.  What a punk.   You know something?  I was just gonna write that one sentence but I can’t hold it in.

Screw this guy.  Seriously.  Screw this skinny, earring wearing, “I’m cool and get so much ass because I still carry a beeper yo” kind of a punk.

I want to spit on you Johnny.  I really do.  Just take a big wad of spit and watch you absorb it.  You’re from Westchester man, Westchester!

I hate myself for being mean…no I don’t.

Johnny C Johnny C Johnny C

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Nov 28 2008

How About a Nice Gallery of Hot Chicks Wearing Rollerskates?

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Hot Girls on Roller Skates

Does the whole “porn movies are better when the girls wear their high heels” apply when you substitute the words “Roller Skates” for “High Heels?”  What is it about footwear that is so sexually appealing to men?  I don’t get it.  Although I suppose it’s sexier to see high heels than seriously infected corns and calloused toes.

You know what does it for me though?  It’s the uncomfortability factor.  I mean if a girl is keeping on those shoes, let alone roller skates, you know she’s putting in some serious effort to make sure she doesn’t hurt her partner.  It takes a tough woman to not at least smash the person once with those heavy wheeled shoes.

By the way, I’ve said this a long time ago.  They really need some kind of Roller Girl program on television.   All these roller leagues are sprouting up everywhere.  How about a Celebrity Roller League tournament reality show?  That would kick ass.

In the meantime, here is a lovely gallery of pictures of hot chicks on roller skates.

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