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Oct 30 2008

Another Erotic Rachel Ray Youtube Video: You Have to Hear This

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You all saw the corn porn video from a few weeks ago.  And you’ve all heard the Sarah Palin censorship stuff by now.

Well I just stumbled across this hilarious Rachel Ray edit.  Be careful with your volume if you’re at work.  This is incredible.

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Oct 30 2008

She’s Uncoachable: Las Vegas Raised Aspiring Actress Veronica Becerra

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Veronica Becerra

Veronica Becerra was born and raised in Las Vegas Nevada.  Here mother Is Japanese and her father is Mexican which makes for a hell of a combination.  She’s been in the Modeling and Entertainment industry for about 8 years.  She’s also a proud parent.

Other than that, you guys know the drill.  She’s hot, she’s someone we’d all like to have alone time with.  Oh and there’s this.  Here’s what Veronica said about being on the set of Play it to the Bone.

I remember talking with Antonio Banderas and I wont forget the best compliment coming from Himself the All time Superstar “he said that I was a very beautiful girl and that I reminded him of Salma Hayack, but that I was much prettier!!!!

That remains to be seen but Veronica’s got that going for her….which is nice.

More of Becerra after the jump

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Oct 30 2008

The Myspace Toolbox: Chubby Little Aldair

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Aldair is 19.  Really?  This kid looks like he’s 12.   He also looks like the kind of kid who gets picked on in his group.  Whatever group that is, I have no clue but I’m sure it’s God awful.

And what the hell is Aldair? Is that some sort of code for “Putz?” What are you tough?  This guy’s definitely a video game player and chronic masturbater.

Also, given the fact he constantly gives the finger to the camera, is chubby, and is probably a complete tool, I’d love to see nothing more than him puking whole milk off a bridge.


Aldair Aldair Aldair Aldair

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Oct 30 2008

7 Celebrities I Could See Using a Sex Tape To Boost Their Careers (And How Long it will Take)

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Celebrity Porn

An example of one that didn’t exactly work

Let’s face it.  We’ve already seen most of these chicks either naked or semi naked at some point.  Be it through one of those nipple slip shots, or some random upskirt thing, I just don’t see these as being coincidences.  They know what they’re doing.

And while I completely respect the amazing acting talent of the Tara Reid‘s of the world, something tells me that we’re not exactly watching out for Tara’s next new movie.  We’re looking for the next alligator bag skin shot of her stomach.

Sex Tapes have become huge over the last 5-10 years.  Pamela Anderson started the craze and a new crop of celebrities have got them.  Some seem to work (Kim Kardashian) and some seem to repulse us (Dustin Diamond).

But here are 7 celebrities that I think are destined to release a sex tape to boost their career.   I’ve also put a time estimate on when we’ll probably see one.

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Oct 30 2008

20 Pictures Of the Hottest Phillies Fans Who Would Have Been Great To Celebrate With Last Night

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Hot Phillies Fans

A warm congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies for winning the world series last night.  And as much as I love to think about all the trials and tribulations of a team overcoming whatever it is they had to overcome to win the championship, I’m somehow always distracted.

Distracted by what you might ask?  Well let’s just say as soon as I saw Brad Lidge closing out the game, I started to think about the amount of hot chicks wearing Phillies gear who must have been at that game.

So naturally I decided to find my own collection of pictures of hot girls wearing Phillies gear.  There are one or two pics with no Phillies gear, but believe me, they’re Phillies fans.

The Phillies hotties after the jump

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Oct 30 2008

Thursday’s Throwdown: Bia and Branca Do Gameshows, The “Talented” Brandy Taylor, and Christina Milian

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Bia and Branca

Click on the photo to see Bia and Branca gladiate

Remember those two synchronized swimming hotties Bia and Branca Feres?  Well it was just a matter of time before they turned up.  And thank God for that.   I wasn’t getting my fill of hot synchronized swimmers this week.

The Throwdown

Brandy Taylor has two assets worth drooling over – [Holy Taco]

Christina Milian is damned hot – [Dirty Rotten] (NSFW Ads)

Sir Charles still wants to hold office – [With Leather]

When commentators forget what they’re saying – [Nuts]

Preseason All-NBA Dance Squads – [Hot Clicks]

Nadine Velasquez bending over in Loaded Magazine – [Cameltap]

Grow a Mustache for charity – [The Bachelor Guy]

That foul fart may control blood pressure – [Asylum]

Shannon James is the Hottest Baseball Fan Ever – [Micklanders]

10 Scary movies sure to freak out FSU Students – [College OTR]

Things we’ve learned about the NFL this season – [Epic Carnival]

I love watching failed hurdle jumps – [Uberguy]

Maria Kanellis sighting: will appear in Smackdown – [Wiihotties]

Youtube user Kungfu86 is a hottie – [Phil Knows Best]

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Oct 29 2008

Axia Andreadaki Leads the PM Portfolio

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Click on the photo for the full gallery of Axia Andreadaki

No matter what we do.  No matter what we say.  There’s one constant in a man’s life.  An abundance of women to gawk at.  It just never ends.  And you know something?  Even if all the hot women in the world disappeared, we’d find reasons to be attracted to anything.  I love myself.

Enjoy the rest of the portfolio

Canizales Pumpkin Montag Nadine Traci Bingham Becerra Lingerie Kurylenko

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Oct 29 2008

10 Great Male Pornstar Names (And Their Real Names)

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Pornstar Name

We’ve all played the pornstar name game.  You take your middle name followed by the street you live on either now or as a kid.  It would be tough if my pornstar name were Isaac East 33rd St.   At the same time, Isaac Mackey would have definitely been a cool name.   I think one of the best ever was my buddy Chris in college.

His pornstar name would have ended up being Roy Bronco.  I still haven’t found one better than that yet.  But what about the real guys?  You would think that at least 50% of the male porn guys out there would have the funny type names like Buck Naked.  Surprisingly there aren’t as many as you think.

Here are 10 guys that definitely have worthy pornstar names.

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Oct 29 2008

Pro Wrestling Then and Now Videos

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I always do a lot of “Where are They Now” stuff.  And quite frankly it generally occurs when I see an actor (or athlete) from my youth that I haven’t seen in quite some time.

And a huge part of my youth was the WWF (now WWE because of Pandas).   So about 20 minutes ago I decided to just type in “WWF” under Youtube to see what kind of classic moments I could find.

But then I found a series of three videos called Pro Wrestling: Then and Now.  And when I saw Mr. Fuji in there, I knew I’d have to share.  Part one is up top.

Parts 2 and 3 after the jump. FYI the music is horrible (sorry about that)

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Oct 29 2008

She’s Uncoachable: Mother of Two, Bisexual, and Adult Film Actress Sophia Rossi

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Sophia Rossi

Generally I don’t do porn stars on here but come on.  Sophia Rossi clearly demonstrates a certain quality (make that two qualities) that make her simply irresistible to me.  Here’s a little tidbit from her Myspace Profile.

I started modeling around 15 years old and acting by 18.  During that time I got married, now 9 years later divorced.  Had two of the most amazing children a woman could ask for. Since I couldnt model at this time when my kids were very young, I went to school and became a DOULA and was studying to be a Midwife! Yes that is a woman who delivers babies at home. I gave birth to my children drug free at home; I was even the one who pulled them out of me and into this world.

Let’s just say I wouldn’t exactly be looking to marry Ms. Rossi, but imagine how amazing a 6 month relationship would be with this woman.  My word what a good time we’d have together.   She’s definitely a woman I’d want to take complete and utter control.  What a kisser she’s got on her.

More of Rossi after the jump

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