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Oct 29 2008

It’s Cold in Philly but Here are Two Colder World Series Moments

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World Series

Anyone who has been watching the World Series knows that the weather has been total crap in Philadelphia.  Even light snow has been called for lately.   What us citizens don’t comprehend is how much harder this makes the game.  Sure we might understand that the ball gets a little slick when it’s wet.

However, think about a 95 MPH Fastball making contact with a bat when it’s this cold.  Can you imagine how much this must hurt a batter’s hands?  Even a zipping throw from third base has got to hurt the 1B’s Mitt.

So that got me thinking:  What other occurrences in World Series history had foul weather like this?  Since MLB weather on started being recorded in the 70′s, there are two horrible weather World Series moments that come to mind

World Series Game 4 – October 22nd, 1997, Indians vs. Marlins

World Series

The weather was 38 degrees with a wind-chill factor of 18 at game time; snow flurries and an icy infield.

The Indians beat the Marlins 10-3 at Jacobs Field in what was officially the coldest World Series game on record (MLB didn’t track weather records until the 1970s). The teams had played the first two games in Miami, where temps hovered in the high 80s. Then they moved to Cleveland, where the temp at the start of Game 3 was 47 — with a 25 mph wind.  

Wind Chill Factor of 18?  Are you kidding me?  Football in cold weather is bad, sure.  But 18 degrees throwing a ball that practically has cement in it?

World Series Game One – October 10, 1979, Orioles vs. Pirates

World Series

The weather was 41 degrees and very wet

It has no pedigreed moniker, so let’s call it “The Blame Game.” The Orioles scored five runs in the first inning and hung on to win, 5-4. Pirates starter Bruce Kison gave up a two-run homer to Doug DeCinces, and later said, “I take the total blame.” He took it, and then he handed it to the weather, saying, “The ball was slick. I couldn’t get the feel of the ball.” Instead, Pirates 3B Phil Garner, who committed a two-run throwing error, also sent the blame flying away. “The ball was soaking wet. I had no seams. And my hands were totally numb. When I threw the ball, it was like throwing a bar of soap.”

Has anyone here ever tried to throw a bar of soap?

Quotes courtesy of ESPN

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