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Oct 28 2008

5 Irresistible Late Night/Hangover Meals That I Love At the Time I’m Eating Them, And Then Feel the Pain Afterwards

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Irresistible Meals

Do you ever just crave something in the worst way and then when you’re done eating it realize you just made a gigantic mistake?  You feel the grease set in your stomach.  You start thinking to yourself “what the hell did I just do?”  And yet a week later, hell even a day later you’ll do it all again.

And why will you do it again?  Simple.  Alcohol.  We all get those late night indulgences.  And when it’s not late night, it’s usually to cure a hangover.  Yeah, like that whole grease in your stomach is good for you is any true.  Come on guys!

Here are my picks for 5 meals that taste great at the time I eat them, and then give me the pain afterwards…

Philly Cheese Steak and Fries

Irresistible Meals

I know that Geno’s and Pat’s in Phildelphia is the apparent creme de la creme of cheese steaks.   I’ve eaten and both and while they’re great, I think Carl’s here in New York is just as good.  And let me tell you something, it’s a pleasure to bite into one.  You got all that cheese whiz melted and the grease.  About halfway through though, when you see that you could easily fill a cup with all that grease you realize you probably just made a gigantic mistake.  You finish it anyway but afterwards the “what the hell did I just do?” questions enter your mind.

Fettucine Alfredo Pizza

Irresistible Meals

It never fails.  Whenever I’m drunk and at my buddies’ place I always end up getting the Fettucini Alfredo pizza personal pie.  It’s one of the best feelings in the world when I take my first bite.  But by the end I realize “wait a second, Fettucine Alfredo is by far one of the worst foods for you and I just ate it on top of a slice of pizza.”  Needless to say time spent in the bathroom is of significant importance.

7 Taco Supremes from Taco Bell

Irresistible Meals

I think that 6 Taco Supremes is doable.  But when you hit 7, you’ve got some serious problems.  I only recommend doing this late night and be sure you are very close to a toilet in the morning.  Disclaimer:  If you are eating 7 Taco Supremes and you are not drunk or high, you have serious problems.

Nachos, Chicken Fingers and Fries from pretty much any Bar on a Sunday

Irresistible Meals

We’ve all been there.  The Football Sunday hangover.   And what better a way to cure those hangovers then when you soak them all up with melted cheese, grease, and more grease from a dirty fryer.  But isn’t it just so good when you eat it?  Thinking about it right now makes me want to puke though.

*Wings can be included in this conversation

The Inevitable Stop at the Diner at 3AM – ANY MEAL

Irresistible Meals

I think it’s pretty apparent that when you see people in a diner at 3AM they’re not getting the classic egg white omelet with a side of grape fruit.  This is your triple egg, cheese and bacon omelete time with buttered toast and chocolate milk.  It’s your bagel and cream cheese, home fries, sausage time.  And once again, it just feels so good going down.

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