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Oct 26 2008

Sunday’s Question of the Week Involves Lakers Coach Phil Jackson

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Phil Jackson  Phil Jackson

Another year for the Lakers.  And I personally think that if Andrew Bynum can stay healthy that it’s their title to lose.  All the credit in the world to the Celtics for their performance last year, but I just think this is the year for the Golden boys.

And all the credit in the world to Phil Jackson who has clearly proved that his coaching ability is unmatched.  A lot of people say he has had great players and great teams to coach.  That anyone could have coached those Bulls teams to championships.

I would need 5 pages to explain how that’s completely false but let’s just say there’s more to coaching than great players.  In short, it’s bringing those players together to see how to match up their skills most effectively on the court.

But that’s not my focus today.  My focus is on Phil’s lack of facial hair.  I watched a preseason game the other day and where’s the ‘stache?  Question of the week:  How soon is it before he cuts his hair and grows back some facial hair?  I give it until the Lakers lose 3 in a row.

Phil Jackson Phil Jackson

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