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Oct 23 2008

In Case Anyone Missed This: The Norm Macdonald Roast of Bob Saget

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I know that there’s a big contingent of people out there that aren’t fans of Norm Macdonald.  That there are tons of folks who think he was the worst weekend updater for SNL is completely mind blowing to me.

In my eyes you either get Norm Macdonald or you don’t.  And I’m fully convinced that people who don’t like him simply don’t understand how amazing this guy’s comedy is.

Think about it.  He doesn’t even tell jokes.  It’s all his delivery and persona.  And to me, it’s phenomenal.  P.S. his middle name is Gene.

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  • Levi Heller

    Perhaps the worst roast ever, its not about getting his humor. This guy is horrible….Not funny at all, clearly the laughs in the audience are from those who feel sorry for him…

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  • Norm

    Levi is obviously one of the people who just don’t get it. That was the point Levi, to read crappy jokes of the card. The jokes aren’t supposed to be funny, that’s the joke.

  • Bob

    Like Andy Kauffman, sometimes the joke is in not telling a joke and making the audience uncomfortable. Or doing the opposite of what’s expected.

    Old-lady vagina’s, Olson insults, and gay bashing were a-plenty at Comedy Central’s Roast of Bob Saget. In the middle of this was the audience baffling, genius set delivered by one Norm MacDonald, of pre-written anti-roast jokes.

    If you’ve ever wanted to see a huge room simultaneously fake understanding of something that clearly is over their heads, continue to watch on.

  • Jason

    I didn’t immediately catch onto Norm’s act but when I finally figured it out…HILLARIOUS. I find it funny that so many people had no idea what was going on and actually think Norm wasn’t doing it on purpose (Levi). You can tell only a few could tell what was going on. The few people in the audience who got it were cracking up and you could hear them uncontrollably laughing. When the comedians figured it out, they were all cracking up as well.

  • Wally

    Norm is one of the funniest comedians out there period. I heard him on Howard Stern last week and watched the TV show last night, and norm is the BEST

  • Wally

    …and I agree that if you do not think Norm is funny, you do not get him at all. In my opinion, he was one of the best weekend update anchors on SNL ever!

    I love Norm, and anybody that doesn’t “get” him is really missing out on a genius.

    (Editor, if you approve this, could you make this and the last into one post?) Or, leave all of this in so I look like a complete idiot…that would be ok too.



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