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Oct 21 2008

Andrew Friedman Used to Paddle Me and Now He’s the EVP of the Tampa Bay Rays

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As I watched Andrew Friedman give the eloquent “thank you” speech at the end of the ALCS I couldn’t help remember the fact that he used a paddle to scorch the back of my ass many many times back in the day.  Yes, Andrew Friedman was a big time hazer while at my beloved Tulane.

How do I know this?  He was a junior when I was a freshman.  And I don’t bring this up to whine or complain.  It’s just one of those weird cases.  Andrew was a good guy in school but yes, he loved to haze.  He loved to watch us squeal and he was always one of the big time yellers in the background.  And yes, he poured beer on my crotch when I was on the floor doing sit ups.

He loved to dip, be a redneck, and be one of those tough Southern Boys.  And rightfully so. Andrew went to Tulane on a baseball scholarship upon which he got injured.  So my guess is that he put that energy into frat life and making us Freshman miserable.   But I digress.

Andrew moved on, busted his ass on Wall Street and with a little luck, hit it big by landing a spot with the then Tampa Bay Devil Rays brass.  And in all honesty I have nothing against Andrew.

He’s done a terrific job as the Rays GM and I couldn’t be happier for him.  He was always a smart kid and clearly he’s shown he knows how to build a baseball team.  It’s just weird to see him up there, speaking so well as an adult, knowing that just 10 short years ago he was beating the crap out of me with a paddle.

Go Rays!

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