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Oct 21 2008

10 Keg Stands By Ladies Worth Taking a Look At

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Keg Stand

It’s a form of competition.  It’s a form of flattery.  It’s one of the best forms of male bonding out there:  The Keg Stand.  Responsible for making college and high school kids around the country drunker faster. However, the ladies are starting to take to it as well.

P.S. You’ve gotta love the fact that “Keg Stand” has made it into Wikipedia.  “Two friends suspend you by your ankles over a keg, and you guzzle as much cheap beer as quickly as you can.”

Does it really have to be cheap beer though?  How about a Heineken Keg Stand? Would that be so tough?  Guinness?  Man that would be disgusting.  In any event here are 10 Female Keg Stands worth watching.

Girl Falls While Doing a Keg Stand

Unassisted Keg Stand

LSU Hottie Doing a Keg Stand

She Does a Little Dance Beforehand

Redneck Keg Stand

Keg Stand Push Ups

Double Keg Stand Gone Wrong

Mom does a Keg Stand

Minnie Mouse Falls Afterwards

Cutie Pie Talks About it Afterwards

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