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Oct 20 2008

5 Well Known Actors Who Should Have Left Their Faces Alone

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Celebrity Facelift

Starting to look like mom

This is obviously a pretty big topic.  We all know that celebrities get tons of plastic surgery work done.   However, I feel like sometimes once they get one thing done, they’re under this sort of delusion that the more tweaks and chops they get, they younger they’ll look.

And the thing is, plenty of good looking actors age quite well with little or no plastic surgery done.   But that’s not even the point.  The point is that they still look like themselves.

However, some actors just go over the top and in my eyes, the opposite occurs.  Instead of looking younger or better, they just keep getting further from the original faces that shined so brightly in days past.

Here are five that I think are extremely obvious.   And I’ve included pictures of them past the age of 40 where they still looked good.

 Meg Ryan

Celebrity Facelift  Celebrity Facelift

Look, bottom line, she was still looking good even at around 40 years old.  And about to turn 47, I don’t know what the hell happened to her.  She was so cute in When Harry Met Sally.  Hell fast forward to Proof of Life at the age of close to 40 and she still looked good.  Somewhere along the way, Botox, Collagen, whatever.  I don’t know what she’s done but there’s no way she should look like this.  Plenty of women look good at 47.

Celebrity Facelift Celebrity Facelift Meg Ryan

Melanie Griffith

Celebrity Facelift  Celebrity Facelift

Remember how hot she was in Bonfire of the Vanities?  And what about Working Girl?  Hell even the movie Milk Money she was still good (although she started messing with her face then).  But now?  I’m not saying she’ll be in sex scenes or wear skimpy clothes but what the hell?  She was a pretty woman.  She’d just have been a pretty older woman.  I don’t get it.

Celebrity Facelift Celebrity Facelift Celebrity Facelift 

Sylvester Stallone

Celebrity Facelift

This was a handsome man, period.  The guy had a sharp face, rugged features, all at over 40 years old (think The Specialist and Demolition Man).  Now he’s downright scary and clearly headed in his mother’s path.  It sucks that John Rambo is turning himself into a very scary being.  Oh well.  I’m pretty sure it was at Cop Land that the surgery began.

Celebrity Facelift Celebrity Facelift Celebrity Facelift Celebrity Facelift

Mary Tyler Moore

Celebrity Facelift  Celebrity Facelift

I can’t track when it all started.  All I know is that she 100% looks like some kind of a burn victim or something.  It’s very freaky.

Celebrity Facelift Celebrity Facelift Celebrity Facelift Celebrity Facelift

Nicole Kidman

Celebrity Facelift Celebrity Facelift

The fact that people still use the word “stunning” about Nicole Kidman really freaks me out.  It wasn’t too long ago (Eyes Wide Shut) where her face still looked the same.  Now I think she’s pure evil.

Celebrity Facelift Celebrity Facelift Celebrity Facelift

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