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Oct 16 2008

9 Humongous Mismatches in Soccer WAG History

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Ugly WAG Combo

I admit it.  I’m not a huge fan of soccer.  I used to play it as a kid and the sport was extremely fun….to play.  But to watch?  It’s hard for me to take 90 minutes out of my day to watch a sport with little scoring and guys falling on the ground pretending to cry a lot.

Don’t get me wrong.  I know it takes tremendous skill, agility, etc etc.  But it’s just how I feel.  At least in hockey there are fights.  However, I will say this.  Soccer players get ridiculously hot chicks.   And I suppose I understand given that soccer is so popular abroad.

Still doesn’t mean I should like it.  It’s one thing if a very handsome guy gets the hot chick.  That at least is the natural order of things.  However, some combinations are down right unfair to the existence of man.  But hey, good for these guys right?  RIGHT?  And yes I’m jealous so all you commenters can knock those comments to rest, thanks.

Here are 9 mismatches where by some miracle the soccer player actually landed one of these chicks.

Thomas Gravesen and Kira Eggers

Ugly WAG Combo  Ugly WAG Combo

Your damned right I’d be giving a thumbs up.  The Everton Midfielder certainly scored on this one.

Kieran Richardson and Anara Atanes

Ugly WAG Combo  Ugly WAG Combo

Another score for Sunderland.  Mr. Richardson, well done sir.

Verena Kerth and Oliver Kahn

Ugly WAG Combo  Ugly WAG Combo

Come on.  No seriously come on.  Oliver?  You banged goalie Oliver?

Pamela Diaz and Manuel Nira

Ugly WAG Combo  Ugly WAG Combo

Would you not be smiling too if you were that guy?  I need to move to Spain and play forward.

Joanna Taylor and Danny Murphy

Ugly WAG Combo Ugly WAG Combo

Ah the peat!  The peat.  Mr Murphy scoring one for Fulham.

Martina Colombari and Alessandro Costacurta

Ugly WAG Combo  Ugly WAG Combo

Alessandro saying to the Milan crowd: “Thank you, thank you.  Perhaps someday you will have sex with a being like this…perhaps not.”

Danielle Lloyd and Teddy Sheringham

Ugly WAG Combo  Ugly WAG Combo

This guy was schtooping Danielle Lloyd?  THIS guy?  This one I find a little unacceptable. What the hell is in the water in Colchester?  I’ surprised Kelly Brook didn’t partake as well.

Imogen Thomas and Nery Castillo

Ugly WAG Combo  Ugly WAG Combo

So the hot thing in Manchester is Unibrow Wingmen?  Guess so.

Alena Seredova and Gianluigi Buffon

Ugly WAG Combo  Ugly WAG Combo

These two are married and have a kid.  Enough said.

Ah yes, and don’t forget this stuff still happens here in America, and with Playmates no less.

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  • MOGO

    Think the Millions of Dollars a year in salary has anything to do with it? Maybe it’s the ability to go full steam for 45+ minutes.

  • adriano

    how can you leave Ronaldo and about every woman he’s ever dated off this list??

  • http://www.collegeotr.com/college_otr/the_top_10_girlfriend_upgrades_of_pro_athletes_13251 The Top 10 Girlfriend Upgrades of Professional Athletes

    These girls need an upgrade!

  • http://www.theshiznit.co.uk Ali

    Christ man, Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy! It’s like Beauty and the Beast!

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  • http://bigflysports.com Oak

    Nice job by these guys.

  • gav

    don’t forget christian karembeu, and the king of all dating-outside-his-looks-bracket, bastian schweinsteiger. take a look at sarah brandner and take one look at him. she HAS to be paper-bagging that

  • http://findcheapbargains.com Brian

    Verena Kerth and Oliver Kahn is the only combo that might make sense as she isn’t that great looking (still way out of his class, though).

  • Michael

    women don’t look at looks as much as men. Get that through your head.

  • Mark

    “Good mother of God…” All that is right just became wrong. Come on, Teddy Sheringham looks like some teenage girl’s alcoholic softball coach who couldn’t cut it in the minor leagues. Where do I sign up to be that ugly and ride away with some of those WAGs without playing soccer or wiping my butt with hundred dollar bilss?

  • Mark

    bilss as in bills….

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  • matt

    yeah there mis matched because you had bad pictures of the men and air brushed ones of the women you stupid yank. plus its called football not soccer

  • Natty

    I love foreigners.

  • jim

    i’ll give you this most of those are right but like some1 above said you picked the worst pics of the FOOTBALLERS. take sheringham for instance he might not be a stud but he’s a legend of the game!! plus shes a scouser with her accent im amazed any1 takes her haha

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  • kenita

    it’s pamela diaz and manuel NEIRA and both of them are chileans =)

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  • Dino

    I wonder if money has anything to do with all of this?

    Mind you, none of these girls would qualify for Mensa!

  • http://www.adaid.com.au Internet Marketing

    Hilarious. Why cant I get some of those girls?

  • jack

    check out claude makalele… his wife is noemie lenoir. that is a mismatch

  • http://www.celebcurry.com/gallery/rss.php Hot SPicy Celebs

    WhatAssGags now thats what they shuld get for not choosing me one big WOWBOOTY!

  • nan

    Buffon is hot, he should get any girl!

  • Luask

    What is all this shit about Schweinsteiger? He is very hot actually and all this talk about Sarah shagging him for money is a load of footballs cos she is a model and she gets enough money on her own. There are plenty of worse looking guys on the England team… not saying any names, but there is… The German team has the hottest guys and Schweini is one of them. If it’s blokes who dis him then you’re only jealous cos you will never get a real woman, let alone a hot one. The only sex you will get is in your bedroom with an inflatable doll… if you’re lucky.



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