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Oct 12 2008

Sunday’s Question of the Week Involves Entourage

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I think this question probably should have been brought up nearly two seasons ago in some circles, but given the fact that there was so much hype before this season I felt it would be appropriate to pose it now.

Is it time to hang it up on Entourage?  This season I’ve seen absolutely nothing.  Ari and Lloyd are the only good characters left and quite frankly the last episode is where I think I need to draw the line.  My only real highlights this season are Ari’s bitchslap and the 16 year old daughter telling Fran Drescher she was going to blow her boyfriend, but that’s about all I’ve seen.

Last week’s show:  Eric Roberts in a Winnebago taking the crew to the desert to eat shrooms to figure out if Vince should be in the movie Benji?  Really?  THIS was the plot?  Wow.  The only highlight of that show was Kate Morgan’s breasts making a cameo.

E was silent nearly the whole time which wasn’t funny.  Drama just isn’t funny anymore and his antics are just so played out.  Turtle is now just a chubby idiot and Ari still had his moments (namely bribing his son to not come home for 100 dollars).

If tonight’s show is as bad as last weeks it’s safe to say Entourage is banished from my television set.

Comments are welcome.

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2 responses so far

  • the schwartz

    honestly couldn’t disagree with you more on this one
    Last season just didn’t cut it but so far this season has been tits
    I have laughed my ass off lately, Lloyd is becoming the best character on television and his new attitude this season is hilarious

    last week was the best episode in a long ass time
    Ari freaking out on shrooms to Lloyd on the phone was fucking gold

  • Enzu

    Yea they ran outta ideas at the end.. but still a good show.. <3 ari



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