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Oct 10 2008

I Don’t Understand Two of Flickr’s Homepage Rotation Pictures

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See?  Now that’s a normal photo

Anyone who’s uploaded a photo using the internet has probably heard of Flickr.  In fact I use it all the time for this site.   Much of my random term image searches are done using Flickr, and it’s probably the best photo sharing site out there along with Webshots.

Don’t get me wrong, Flickr is a fantastic site providing an excellent, free service.  However, one would think that when they’re on the homepage that the representative pictures on there would be a bit better.

Flickr uses about 20 pictures in their homepage rotation.  If you hit refresh enough you’ll probably see them all.  So I guess they got it right on around 18 of them.  However there are two that make zero sense to me.

Ok so here are the normal ones

Flickr Flickr Flickr Flickr Flickr Flickr Flickr

You see?  These make sense.  Artistic ability on one, a scenic view on another.  Flowers and a bee.  Fine.  I get these.   These are normal photography-like pictures.

But then you have these two:



Wait a minute.  What?  Why would you possibly have a little kid with big glasses who is borderline mentally challenged looking and some random Eurotrash type dude taking his own picture in what appears to be a bathroom?  I simply don’t get this.  These pictures are fine in their own photo sets, but appearing on Flickr’s homepage as handpicked photos to represent the site?  I don’t get it.

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2 responses so far

  • jules

    The “random Eurotrash type dude” is a famous graphic designer.
    Maybe the reason ..?

  • awgie

    OK, so he’s famous. But for people like me who have no idea who he is, even after you’ve said he is famous, this is just another in an overfilled bucket of self-shot bathroom mirror pics. That photo idea has been way overdone. You’d think a graphic designer could come up with a better photo concept.

    I have to agree – not a good choice for a homepage photo.

    The geeky kid shot I can relate with a little bit, having two kids of my own. Mine don’t wear freakish glasses like that though. They wear normal looking glasses.

    Still, despite the geeky appearance, I’d leave the kid’s pic in there.



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