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Oct 09 2008

Athletes, They’re Just Like Us: Dwight Howard

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Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard is quickly becoming one of my favorite players in the NBA.  I think that if he can develop a mid range jumper, not only will he be the best power man in the game (which he’s pretty damn close to being, I have to still give the edge to Duncan and Garnett) but he will earn himself a spot in my fave five.

But I don’t like Dwight Howard simply because of his basketball skills.  I like Dwight Howard because he’s just like me.

Seriously guys, check out this proof.

Dwight Howard

Athletes: They give the peace sign at airports too.

Dwight Howard

Athletes:  Fat dudes love them

Dwight Howard

Athletes:  They get the bunny ears from Grant Hill while taking out underage girls too.

Dwight Howard

Athletes:  They flip up their caps too.

Dwight Howard

Athletes:  They travel to space with David Ortiz too.

Dwight Howard

Athletes:  They eat rims too.

Dwight Howard

Athletes:  The too get frisky on the court.

Dwight Howard

Athletes:  They also had sex with this girl.

Dwight Howard

Athletes:  They like hot chicks.

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