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Oct 08 2008

A Few Presidential Bloopers Videos For this Upcoming Election

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As we embark on the last month of the campaign before the election, it’s always fun to remind the American people that Presidents of the past and present are humans just like the rest of us.

And whether it’s George Bush Jr, Sr, Bill Clinton or Richard Nixon, every President has had a funny screw up in their career.  And luckily for us, many of those screw ups have been caught on tape.

So whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, and whether you are freaked out as all hell about the current financial state of our nation, at least take some solace in the humor of these videos.

God Bless America

General Bloopers video

The highlight has to be when George Bush Sr. says “We had sex” and everyone starts laughing.

George Bush – Our Current President

I would say something like “you gotta love this guy” but I sure as hell didn’t vote for him

A compilation dating back to the 60′s

Reasons We Laugh at George Bush

You didn’t think I wouldn’t put two of these in here did you?

Even More Uncoachable Stuff

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  • http://Arjewtino.com Arjewtino

    I needed this today.

    Of course, now I fear the next chapter of this country’s history even more.

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  • jennie

    Of course only “right” vids are posted. Lets not forget the ignorance of the Clinton administration. The Dems are famous for pointing out the repubs in the same vein kicking down the ‘right.’ Shame on you. Look at what your party has done and not done in the interweb, newsmedia, weird practic of public justice you lead your life. What a bunch of whiners.



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