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Oct 03 2008

It Would Definitely Take Some Courage For me To Wear these Halloween Costumes

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I gotta say I’m not the biggest “joiner” in the world but if there’s one holiday that I think people should embrace, it’s Halloween.  For the ladies, we all know, it’s an excuse to dress slutty.  For the guys?  Well, I think we should all just enjoy it.

My favorite costume of last year was seeing this guy standing at a stop light.  He had on a white shirt that said “Choose Life,” white pants, and white shoes.  He had a boom box and was literally dancing in the street:  George Michael when he was in Wham.  It was awesome.

That costume is doable.  But I have to say, some people really take it to awesome limits and I think I’ve found some pictures of costumes that I for one, wouldn’t have the guts to wear.

Ballsy Halloween Costume

Yes I know it’s Borat.  It might not be that creative a costume but come on.  Your junk is bound to come out at least 3 or 4 times during the night.  Are you confident enough to let that happen?

Ballsy Halloween Costume

I think it’s more of the fact that you’d be wheeled around the entire night.  That’s gotta be annoying.

Ballsy Halloween Costume

This is just a shock factor one.  But it would be nice having that chick stroll around with you all night.

Ballsy Halloween Costume

That’s just wrong.  Hilarious, but wrong.

Ballsy Halloween Costume

The courage factor here obviously does not lie in the child but it lies in the parents who have the cajones to let their little baby out like that.  I’m not sure if I like the parents or want to kill them.

Ballsy Halloween Costume

I know that ladies usually dress kind of slutty (well not kind of) on Halloween but this one’s definitely pretty ballsy.  I mean how many times you think that thing is gonna be pulled down?  She has to know that going in.

Ballsy Halloween Costume

It’s one thing if you’re at a party with this thing on.  It’s another if you’re out in public.

Ballsy Halloween Costume

Another Borat factor one.

Ballsy Halloween Costume

Oh wait, my bad.  These aren’t costumes?

Ballsy Halloween Costume

This one has nothing to do with this article.  I just wanted to see Bill Maher drunk.

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