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Oct 02 2008

How Has a Name Change Not Yet Happened for USC’s Gamecocks?

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Alright guys, it’s been said a thousand times.  I know I make fun of the word or at least smile once a day when it’s uttered.  Bottom line is that I just don’t think it’ll ever get old.  And you’re telling me that the University of South Carolina still has the balls (pun intended) to keep the name “Gamecocks?”

In this day and age wouldn’t it be time to potentially make a name switch?  Gamebirds?  How about just a bird name? Do the powers that be at South Carolina not understand that each time a cheerleader waves a sign that says “cocks” that every young person (and old) must be laughing their asses off?

My theory is that all of the powerful people at South Carolina know this.  They know how funny the merchandising is.  They know how it’s impossible not to think of a penis every single time the team name is either uttered or read.   So they just let it go.


They MUST know how ridiculous it is to have a mascot named “Cocky.”  Because it’s not like you’re using the word to say that he’s arrogant.  It’s that he’s more than just a cock, he’s cock-ee.

And what’s with the other USC having the same name as the nation’s most popular condom brand?  I for one find this all funny but you’d think at least one serious person would make a push for a name change no?  I mean if people are arguing that the Redskins need a name change, I’d think Gamecocks is a bit more gratuitous don’t you?

In any event, here’s some Gamecocks cheerleaders.

Gamecocks Gamecocks Gamecocks Gamecocks Gamecocks Gamecocks Gamecocks 

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