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Oct 31 2008

Rosie Jones Leads the PM Portfolio

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Rosie Jones

Click on the photo to view more of Rosie Joes…via Nuts

I made the call last week, and Busted Coverage is making the call this week.  Rosie Jones has got to be the next Keeley Hazell.  in fact I’m gonna go on record in saying that with a little hard work, she could equal or exceed ths skills of the busty Brit.

Enjoy the rest of the portfolio

Miss Jenn Emi Carla Love Hewitt Katrina Bowden Patriots Cheryl Tweedy Longoria

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Oct 31 2008

Have You Ever Noticed That People With Their Mouths Open Just Look Dumber?

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Mouth Open

I don’t know what it is, but perhaps it’s a public transportation thing with me.  Have you ever caught yourself just staring at someone on a bus or on a train and it completely fills you with hatred for that person?  For me it’s the people who sit their with dumb looks on their faces with one undeniable aspect in play:  the mouth is open.

When someone is reading the paper and their mouth is closed, I don’t pay any mind.  I mean sure, they’re probably dumb as most humans are, but at least they don’t look dumb at the moment.  It’s those people that just site there, jaws wide open that for some reason piss me off.

Go ahead guys, try this experiment.  You will notice the mouth open theory and these people will start bothering you immediately.  In any event, I’ve collected 15 pictures of people with their mouths open who at first glance there’s no other theory than “this person is an idiot.”


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Oct 31 2008

Songs That Are Embarrassing To Like But Are Awesome: Haddaway’s “What is Love”

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I’m just taking a guess here, but you’d have to think that Haddaway must have been completely pissed when Saturday Night Live made a mockery of his song with their Night at the Roxbury duo.

And then years later he must have been thankful as all hell considering that was his only hit and that’d he’d been making money off of it for the last 10 years.  Even as recently as 2008 it was featured in a Pepsi commercial.  Ah yes, royalties.

Nevertheless, despite it’s embarrassing correlation to head bopping, it’s an awesome song to dance around to when you’re alone.  Or when you’re in the middle of crossing the street.  Whichever.

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Oct 31 2008

She’s Uncoachable: WAG Extraordinaire and Argentinian Model Evangelina Anderson

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Evangelina Anderson

I had never heard of Evangelina Anderson before, and thanks to my friends at The Spoiler for pointing her out.  She’s an Argentinian model and persistent WAG.  For those who care, she was born in Buenos Aires and moved to Chile to pursue her modeling career.  She also considers herself an actress, although her on-screen career starts and finishes with a single appearance on a Chilean TV show called “Morandé con compañía”.

Former soccer player boyfriend Maxi Lopez once said about Anderson,  “You know how this girl is, she’s got a parallel profession.” When the host asked if he meant she was a “gato” (a cat, or high class hooker),  Lopez said “nooo…I mean one day she goes with one, another day she goes with someone else…”

That someone else is fellow Argentinian, Bayern Munich defender Martin Demichelis, who intends to make an honest woman of Miss Anderson.  Good luck buddy.  Oh yes, she’s also posed for Playboy.  Hugh, I hope you tapped that.

More of Evangelina after the jump

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Oct 31 2008

The Myspace Toolbox: Stephen AKA Joker is a Single Father…Man I Feel Bad

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Single Joker

His Myspace Info


What should be his Myspace Info

Name:  I’m a Father and I go out partying and updating my Myspace Page Daily
Age: 19
Status: Should be at home taking care of my son instead of clubbing
If you want to know more just take a look at the dump my kid just made by himself because I wasn’t there.

Joker my ass

Single Joker Single Joker Single Joker Single Joker

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Oct 31 2008

10 Appearances By Pornstars in Mainstream Movies

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Pornstar Mainstream

Seems as though headlines like these might be more prevalent in the years to come:

Oscar-winner Steven Soderbergh has cast precocious porn star Sasha Grey as the lead in his upcoming feature, “The Girlfriend Experience,” Adult Video News reported.

Tera Patrick may be joining colleagues Jenna Jameson and Sasha Grey in making the move from mainstream porn to, well, mainstream hollywood film. Patrick is being considered for a leading role in director Quention Tarantino’s remake of the aptly titled film Faster, Pussycat, Kill! Kill!

But before these mainstream roles started popping up, pornstars began making appearances in mainstream flicks dating back over 10 years.  And who got it started?  The Hedgehog that’s who.

Here are 10 appearances by Pornstars in mainstream movies.

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Oct 31 2008

There’s More to Florida State University Than Sports and Partying: There’s the Three Ring Circus Class

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Florida State Circus

So you go to Florida State thinking to yourself, “I am embarking on one serious party experience.  Hell my acne and odor won’t matter here.  Plenty of chicks.  Plenty of booze.  Plenty of tailgating.  I’m psyched.”  Well what if that doesn’t work out for ya?

As if things couldn’t be any more fun at one of the nation’s biggest party schools,  it turns out they can.  Florida State has its very own 3 -ring circus.   The entire act is put on by students of the university.  Some Circus courses are actually offered for credit.  Of course this is a source of bemusement for other universities, but it’s “The Greatest Collegiate Show on Earth!”

So instead of scantily clad Seminoles Cheerleaders, it’s really just hot chicks doing splits and flying off trapezes.

Photos after the jump

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Oct 31 2008

Friday’s Funbag: One Philly Win Aftermath Shot, Garfield Drives a Better Car Than You, and Aisleyne Horgan Wallace

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Photo seen on Deadspin

I guess this is what happens when a team wins the World Series.  I’m curious though.  What goes on in a fans mind at this moment?  “Man I’m so glad that we finally won this thing.   28 years is a long time to wait.  Now let’s go tip over this car and get a cheesesteak.”

Oh Yeah.  Happy Halloween

The Funbag

If Garfield were in Glengarry Glen Ross – [Holy Taco]

Aisleyne Horgan Wallace gets pretty trashy at parties – [Drunkenstepfather] (NSFW ads)

Heidi Klum has definitely “got milk” – [Popoholic]

Who is the raciest F1 WAG? – [Zootoday]

Men can’t resist a lady who’s wearing red – [Asylum]

Phillies fans jump on a dumptruck – [Don Chavez]

The 10 Hottest Nascar and Formula 1 WAGs – [Manofest]

Possibly a sign that the end of the world is near: Mantyhose – [The Bachelor Guy]

The 5 Funniest Condom Ads you will see – [Tastybooze]

You guys know how I feel about Carin Ashley – [Micklanders]

Bill Cosby, not exactly sane on ESPN – [The Comedy Feed]

John Daly:  Is there really much else to say at this point? – [Nextround]

A no brainer but fun:  Nicolette Sheridan’s ass vs. Tara Reid’s ass – [Celebrityodor]

Jessica Biel is starting to look hot again – [Derober]

A guide on how to spend Halloween at Northwestern – [College OTR]

I think I just found my new crush in Michelle Beana – [Saltymilk]

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Oct 30 2008

Colt McCoy’s Girlfriend Rachel Glandorf Leads the PM Portfolio

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Rachel Glandorf

Click on the photo to see Rachel in a bikini via Deadspin

I’ve been waiting for my boys at COED to release these pics.  And they certainly delivered.  Could life be much better for the starting QB of the number one team in college football?  The answer is no.  Eh, unless Rachel has a twin.

Enjoy the rest of the portfolio

Evangelina Elektra Arias Salvalaggio Support Sheridan Ellison Lombardo

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Oct 30 2008

Uncoached Look-Alikes: Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and Anne Ramsey (Mama Fratelli from The Goonies)

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Look Alike  Look Alike

I’ve gotta say this might be one of the best calls I’ve ever made.  If it weren’t for the fact that I posted those three Youtube “Pro Wrestling: Then and Now” clips this never would have happened.  That and the fact that The Goonies is on every 16 minutes.

And as soon as I saw Mama Fratelli (Anne Ramsey), I put two and two together.  Unfortunately Ramsey passed away in 1988 but her legacy will live on with Greg “The Hammer” Valentine (AKA John Wisniski).  His last known appearance was at Ric Flair’s Retirement Ceremony in March of 2008.

Valentine is currently retired but I hope to God he winds up wrestling again in some crappy little town like most of the old guys do.  He was the man that made the figure four viable in the WWF.  Valentine is a legend as far as I’m concerned.

But unfortunately he really looks like Mama Fratelli.

Look Alike Look Alike Look Alike Look Alike

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